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Oh Vienna Spend a night in Vienna with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra on July 21 and 22 at the Festival Theatre. ASO principal conductor Nicholas Carter says audiences will be transported to the magical setting as the music of Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss echoes throughout the theatre. “Vienna has been a crucible for music and the arts from the beginning of time and especially whilst Strauss was at the pinnacle of his composing,’’ Carter says. To read our full Q&A with ASO principal conductor Nicholas Carter, click here. Hot box office flicks Baby Driver is the movie that is set to be the most talked about flick of the moment. Released in Australia on July 13 this stylish heist car flick runs circles around The Fast and Furious franchise and features a killer soundtrack. The chase scenes are meticulously filmed and are in perfect rhythm with the soundtrack. It’s part crime caper part musical and it’s all pedal t the metal brilliance. Spider-Man: Homecoming is another tick in the Marvel superhero movie franchise. Featuring Tom Holland as the impetuous teen hero this latest movie is the first in the new Marvel story arc and it is a lot of fun and lays the groundwork for the young Spidey to grow into a mature character. Transformers: The Last Knight is another big, brash and bold Michael Bay flick with action aplenty and machines falling from the sky. The plot is long, but the battles are stupendous. For a full movie review on Transformers: The Last Knight, click here. André Rieu on the big screen He is known for his energetic and spell- binding live performances, as well as amassing over 40 million album and DVD sales worldwide, and now the world’s leading pop classical artist, André Rieu, has announced his annual Maastricht concert will once again be screening across Australia at EVENT Cinemas Marion, GU Film House Glenelg and Greater Union Cinemas Arndale in celebration of his 30th year in music on the 29 th  and 30 th  July – 2pm. Entertainment Hive has three double passes to giveaway to this exciting cinematic screening thanks to Event Cinemas. To enter, click here
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