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Joel Creasey

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Creasey goes into the Garden Comedian Joel Creasey is ready to strike a pose at The Garden of Unearthly Delights. Creasey will hit the garden for the first time in his latest show, Poser. The 26-year-old funnyman has answered some insightful questions in our Funny Five Fringe Questions. To find out what he has to say, click here. Home of theatre at Holden Street Holden Street Theatres has again created an amazing theatrical program for its Adelaide Fringe season. This year, Holden Street presents Angel by Henry Naylor and Scorch by Stracey Gregg. Angel is the story of a modern legend; the Angel of Kobani a female sniper who held ISIS in check for more than a year in war-torn Syria, while Scorch is an intimate performance by Amy McAllister who portrays a troubled teenage girl whose new relationship leads to devastating effects legally and personally. Other highlights in the program includes Australian comedy star Greg Fleet’s production of Signifying Nothing and Funtastico! which incorporates strong moments of magic, illusions, modern clowning and fun for the whole family. Tickets are available through Holden Street Theatres and Fringetix Champagne cabaret at the Fringe Direct from sell-out seasons and London’s West End, the Adelaide premiere of sizzling new circus show  BLANC de BLANC  is coming to  The Garden of Unearthly Delights  until  19 March 2017. Director Scott Maidment says he wanted to create “champagne cabaret’’ that transports the audience into a heady, bubble filled, overflowing, crazy party. To find out more about the show, click here.
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Blanc de Blanc
Angel at Holden Street