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Bev Killick is ready to conquer Adelaide Fringe

By Honey B

In her new show Bev Killick "goes there'' and luckily for Adelaide she's coming here for her first ever full-length Fringe show. After 15 years as a stand-up comedian Killick has only been to the Fringe four times. "I have been to the Adelaide Fringe once as a spectator - just to check it all out - and a few times doing a spot in a show called Titters,'' she explains. "In September last year I was in Adelaide doing Craig Egan's space, the Rhino Rooms, and Craig said it was time for me to bring my solo show to Adelaide. "So I will be in Adelaide from February 19 for the Fringe.'' The outspoken comedian says her show is aptly called Bev Killick Goes There because nothing is off limits. "The show is a bit racy and I just go there when I am on-stage and I don't hold back at all. "In real life I can hold back, but on-stage my brain and my mouth just don't compute not to say that and I just take things a step further. "I really touch on some subjects and get to the nitty gritty of things.'' Killick says it is her job to "find the funny'' in everyday life and luckily for audiences she certainly does. "I played up a lot in my youth and was a bit of a gad about and I tell some of those stories - my slut stories I like to call them - and I talk about getting older as a woman and, sort of, having to behave. "I also talk about being a mum and being a mad mum. I seriously have so much fun on-stage and I get other women to get up and share anything they would like to share.'' Of course there are some taboo topics that Killick doesn't touch, but one subject she does talk about is her son who suffers from mental illness. "I thought I should be able to write about my son somewhere and I got his permission and I talk about one of our journeys in the show. "I had this incredible time with my son last year when we went to a hippie festival, a commune of sorts, and there was a storm and it ended up being a four-day journey and the degree of difficulty getting him home for treatment was amazing - but there were some very funny moments.'' The musically-inclined comedian also belts out a few songs - it wouldn't be a Bev Killick show if she didn't. "I never know what I am going to sing - the songs just come out. "They are songs people will know and I do a few of my own as well. I love a good parody.'' Killick, who also starred in Busting Out which had a six-week run in Adelaide in 2010, says she's not even nervous about performing her first "proper Fringe show''. "With a week to go a lot of people have been asking if I'm nervous and I'm great. "I'm certainly not sitting at home head down writing - I'm going with the flow.'' Bev Killick Goes There, Adelaide Fringe, The Maid, 1 Magill Rd, Stepney, February 19 to March 1, 9.30pm. Bookings: Fringetix: 1300 621 255
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