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Isaac Lomman unlocks the power of the mind

By Honey B

What happens when you mix the arts of sales, communication and psychology together? You get Isaac Lomman comic hypnotist. Lomman, who grew up in Adelaide, is quickly making a name for himself around the world with his mind-bending show. "There's certainly a lot of audience interaction in this show and it doesn't work unless people are willing to come up on-stage with me,'' Lomman says. "Hopefully that won't happen for the first time during the Fringe!'' If it was any other festival show and audience members were rushing the stage Lomman would need to hire security to keep them back, but he welcomes the nightly scramble. "A lot of people who come to the show are quite amazed at how quickly people want to get up on- stage. "I don't take things too far, so I guess they know they are safe up there with me and especially if they have seen the show before. "After the show I do get a lot of people coming up and saying they will get up on-stage with me next time. It's about creating a safe haven for people.'' When Lomman became interested in a process called neuro-linguistic psychosis programming (NLP) his fate was sealed. "I found out a lot of marketers use NLP sales techniques as a communication tool but it is actually a derivative of traditional hypnosis. As I learnt more about it I started to deviate more from the sales path and wanted to get into hypnotherapy and help people with self development. "My course changed again when I saw a stage hypnosis just before I went off to learn the process formally. I learnt the basics and started to specialise in entertaining people.'' Lomman says hypnosis is really the power of suggestion or a "natural trance'' that we all go into every day. "It's not as woo woo crazy as the 1950s showmen would have you believe and that's the entertainment side of it all. "But it is just a natural trance that we all go through every day. It's like our daydreaming stage which is the same as a trance and some people just learn to flex this ability more. "This is the same kind of trance that I am using but I just take it a little deeper.'' Lomman also likes to reassure audience members that no-one is forced to come up on-stage. "Rather than looking at the audience and reading people and calling them out or picking them out, I like everyone to be able to have a shot at this. "It's fairer for those who want to come up to come up and have a go and that way I avoid anyone saying that the show is rigged. People just run up willy nilly. "And it is constantly fascinating how people react and there have been several times I have been quite surprised.'' Lomman explains that people's imaginations are endless and often it's the sceptics that end up being the stars of the show. "The most memorable scenario was when I was giving the suggestion that there was a terrible smell and I was a little bit distracted by some of the other people and I didn't notice that one person was reacting quite a lot. "Every time I said the word 'shoe' the smell got worse and this person threw up all over the stage, which was just amazing. "Luckily he was very suggestive and I put him back in a trance and cleaned up and told him he was feeling fine. It was a pretty epic show.'' For those who would like to see a bit of Lomman's work, the comedic hypnotist has famously hypnotised some of the Port Adelaide players in a memorable video. The viral video featuring Chad Wingard, Ollie Wines and Daniel Flynn has been viewed more than 200,000 times. "I certainly had a lot of fun with those boys and they were all fantastic subjects. I think sports people at the top of their game need to flex that muscle a lot to get into the game - they need to visualise. "While I may do some outrageous things on-stage the whole idea is that we could use hypnosis more for a lot of positive things in our lives. "A lot of people do get positive benefits out of meditation and self-reflection - it is that trance state and in one form or another they have all hypnotised themselves to reach their own goals.'' The other hypnotising thing about Lomman's show is that it is family entertainment and is perfect for ages 10 years and up. "There's nothing too crazy or adult in this show. And the oldest person I have had on-stage with me was about 75 years old and he thought he'd simply try it. "He became the greatest Irish tap dancer in the world and really enjoyed the experience as the star of the show.'' Isaac Lomman in Comedy Hypnosis! Rewired, Gluttony, The Peacock, Rymill Park, corner East Tce & Rundle Rd, from February 13 to March 15, 6.45pm. Bookings:  1300 621 255
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