Entertainment Hive 2017

Be here now is Joel Ozborn's comedy mantra

By Honey B

Comedian Joel Ozborn likes to live in the moment. As one of the hardest touring funnymen in the business, he's shared the stage with Arj Barker, Akmal and Jimeoin. But for the 2015 Adelaide Fringe Festival, Ozborn will be enjoying the solo spotlight with his latest show - Be Here Now. "It's interesting because this title, Be Here Now, has always come up in different areas of my life,'' Ozborn says. "One of the first times I heard it was in the George Harrison song which was based on the Ram Dass book of the same name (Be Here Now). "It's the philosophy I have always kind of gone with, which is being in the moment and that there is nothing else but the here and now. "It is a very simple philosophy but it's a difficult one to actually live by.'' In fact, it was like the title of Ozborn's show was meant to be after a random interaction with an old man on a bus. "I had just finished reading the book The Pilgrimage about walking the road to Santiago. "I was in this contemplative spot with my mind still on the subject when an old Italian man just leant in and started bestowing these words of wisdom on me. "He said to me: 'What you are looking for you can't find in the past. What you are looking for you can't find in the future. You just have to be her now.'. "Then he just got off of the bus and it was all so random.'' Ozborn hopes Adelaide audiences understand the deeper meaning of his show title and he also hopes they like his comedy style. "My show is always difficult to describe, but reviewers say that it is observational and that I have a great physical style of comedy and storytelling. "It's a real mix, but I am really looking forward to coming and performing in a tent at Gluttony. "It will be like camping and comedy with all of us sitting in a hot space, just like we are around a campfire!'' Joel Ozborn in Be Here Now, Adelaide Fringe, Gluttony, Pigtails, Rymill Park, March 3 to 15. Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au or 1300 621 255
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