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Lawrence Mooney pieces together a comedic puzzle

By Honey B

Lawrence Mooney's latest show Surely Not has morphed into something much more than his usual insightful comedic rant. Mooney, who has a penchant for pushing the boundaries, began writing the show with all of the major headline grabbing issues in play. "A show is like a jigsaw puzzle because there are a lot of ideas that go into a 60 minute show,'' he explains. "I mean politics is so much fun at the moment with Tony Abbott deciding to give a knighthood to Prince Philip. "He couldn't have picked a more useless f***ing privileged dork arsehole of all time to infuriate the Australian public. To knight him is just hilarious. "Then there is the whole push against ISIS and the Australian government saying that we will fight for freedom of speech, after the beheading of journalist James Foley, but at the same time passing legislation enabling us to imprison any journalist who says anything about the government that results in the death of a soldier overseas. "So we are fighting for freedom of speech whilst closing it down at home. "The MH aircraft disasters are also another big surely not and that was all going around in my mind when I was completely sidetracked.'' Mooney's whole track changed when he discovered, "out of the blue'', that a beloved uncle had died in England. "He was 77 so it wasn't like a promising life was cut short - it's just that when death happens it's out of the blue, unless you are a murderer and you have pre-meditated it. "I ended up going to England with my brothers to dismantle his life and that is really when my whole orientation was completely turned around. "So this show is going to be about him and what you discover about people when they are gone.'' Mooney says his uncle was a confirmed bachelor who only had one set of cutlery. "His cutlery draw featured a knife, a fork, a large knife, a screwdriver, a set of pliers, some string - and that wasn't even the second drawer down. "He was a bachelor back in those quaint and innocent days before people speculated about your sexuality and because those days have gone we can speculate now.'' Mooney assures people that he will still have plenty of fire in the belly. "I will still have a bit of a rant and rave about what is going on in the world and then the show will be this tale of my Uncle Harry. "I do think it's important for comedians to re-visit their roots and in a way my comedy does come from Liverpool which is where my parents are from and they have a very different turn-of-phrase. My brothers and I are first generation Australians, as are my cousins in Adelaide.'' Lawrence Mooney in Surely Not, Adelaide Fringe, Rhino Room, Frome Street, February 17 to March 14. Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au or 1300 621 255
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