Entertainment Hive 2017

Mooney’s life of lies

By Honey B

Comedian Lawrence Mooney admits the person he lies to the most is himself. In his latest comedy show, Stupid Liar, is all about the “little lies’’ he tells to himself to get through the day. “As I started to examine my own lies I discovered that most of the perennial lies were ones like – I am going to get fit and join a gym, but then never going to the gym,’’ Mooney says. “And then there is the one every man says when they go to the pub – ‘I’m just going to the pub for a couple of beers’. “That’s a lie we all tell ourselves, it’s never just a couple of beers!’’ The stand-up stalwart, he’s been in the comedy industry for 20 years, says the show came out of an off-the-cuff remark to his wife while watching the cult movie, The Hangover II. “At the beginning of the movie they are all lying in a hotel room, wasted, and I said to my wife ‘Why do men do that, do you think? Why do they trash themselves so badly?’ “Without even taking her eyes off of the screen she said, ‘Because they can’t deal with reality and they are stupid liars.’. “And that’s it, that’s really the way women look at us.’’ Mooney says he talks pretty “frankly’’ about relationships in his show, which might get him in a little bit of hot water with both sexes. “Look, we all know that you girls have a secret world and it’s chocolate. “I have done a bit of straw polling and there is a lot of secret chocolate eating going on out there. “Just like us men have a special affinity with doing the washing. There are a couple of guy secrets and one is about what a man does the moment a woman leaves the house. “Every woman knows that when she comes home the washing is on – it’s what they do before that! You’ll have to come and see the show to find out what that is!’’ Then there is that fine line between lying and honesty to be examined. “Oh who wants to be honest all of the time! “That’s just miserable and who can be honest all of the time. We all need to have some fantasies and that’s the reason why you should come to a comedy show. “We’ve been confronted with a lot of miserable truths this year – from MH17 to Gaza and the death of Robin William – it’s time for a laugh and a bit of life reflection.’’ Mooney also says his hit ABC show Dirty Laundry should be back next year on ABC1. Lawrence Mooney is a Stupid Liar, Adelaide Festival Theatre, Dunstan Playhouse, Friday, October 17, 7.30pm. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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