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Comedian Mickey D puts a new twist on a much-loved show

By Honey B

Comedian Mickey D is an ocker bloke who is always up for a challenge. This Adelaide Fringe season he will be tackling a new challenge head on as the latest member of the Puppetry of the Penis crew. The former Adelaide boy assures us he won’t let the team down as he has dabbled in the ancient art of genitalia origami before. “I think that the original Puppetry masters David “Friendy’’ Friend and Simon Morley knew that I had it in me from our exploits in the Phat Cave – my late night comedy show,’’ Mickey explains. “The Phat Cave is renowned in Edinburgh for all that goes on in the Cave – but what happens in the cave stays in the cave. “The masters would often come to the show in Edinburgh and they’d always send their recruits to the show for a bit of extra exposure. “So the guys are friends of the family  and they always let me do a few tricks – or dare me. But I’m always game, it’s late and it’s a part of the show not to say no to any challenges. “I think that is where the fellas saw what I was capable of.’’ Mickey says he's grabbed the chance to be in the show now because he's in perfect condition. "Now I am off of the grog and I have lost the weight I can really tackle it - for want of a better word. "Before I've either been too fat or too shy.'' What is exciting about Mickey D now being an important member of POTP is that it's the first time a stand-up comedian has been part of the show. "It's an interesting challenge for me, as a comedian, to drive the show. "These Adelaide shows should be a little different. It will still be making the tricks that Friendy and Morley have developed. "So it's all the tricks with a slightly different twist now that I am involved and I'll also be working with Jamie Wilson who has done some comedy before.'' Mickey admits he will find it funny to be unveiling the family jewels in his hometown in front of a potential audience of friends, family and acquaintances. "Puppetry of the Penis does good numbers in Adelaide, so that narrows the odds that I am going to be seen by former school teachers or previous people from my footy or cricket club mums and I am bound to be recognised. "That's just going to be hilarious as well. "You know, it's actually going to be the first time I have been naked on-stage in Adelaide and it's actually been welcomed!'' After Mickey's inaugural Adelaide season, there are even bigger events on the horizon for the hardworking comedian and his equally talented wife, Boo Dwyer. "There is chat that we will head out to Las Vegas with the show, which would be great. "My wife and I are based in the UK and straight after this we will go onto the UK tour and the awesome news is that my wife and her performance partner will be the support act for Puppetry of the Penis. "My wife does a show called Titty Bar Ha Ha and it's a brand of high end musical comedy filth. "So there's also the chance that we can do that in Las Vegas as well. And Titty Bar Ha Ha was just nominated in Perth's Fringe World for best comedy - second year running.'' While in Adelaide Mickey will also host The Phat Cave at Gluttony, he will host a comedy creation from the US, The Set List, and he will team with his wife for their kids comedy show The Breakfast Club at Gluttony. But just to put the spotlight on Mickey's private bits once again - the highly in-demand performer is still finding it hard to put a finger on his favourite dick trick. "I do think my favourite is the hamburger, but I think the chicken nuggets are pretty funny, the wristwatch is fun and the other funny one is the lady where you tuck you tackle between your legs. "I think it's important to have range, but my wife does like the hamburger!'' Puppetry of the Penis Live, Adelaide Fringe, Royalty Theatre, February 13 to March 7. Bookings: 1300 621 255 or adelaidefringe.com.au
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