Entertainment Hive 2018

Tahir laughs in the face of racism

By Honey B

Come and watch a comedy show that Melbourne banned – Tahir’s The Complete Guide To Being A Racist. The tongue-in-cheek funny-man is daring Adelaide audiences to be more “aware’’ than their Melbourne counterparts and see a show breaks down barriers through laughter and insight. “Adelaide has always been fantastic to me, no problems at all,’’ the Fat Pizza and Housos star says. “And that’s the way the Fringe should be – you shouldn’t be sensitive at all. “But Melbourne, I was doing the show at the Crown Casino and I had all of these problems with lawyers because they had a problem with my blurb for the show. “It basically said that Asians needed to show their driver’s licences to get in, that there were to be no suspicious backpacks and that it was a pork free zone. “It was all tongue-in- cheek and comedians should be able to open people’s eyes to their behaviours no matter how small or large.’’ Tahir thinks that most people are racist to a degree. “I differentiate between nasty racism and incidental racism, which is quite different. “People are always judging others, it could be on fashion or where you live, but we are always judging. “On some level we all have these opinions going around and around in our minds, but it’s the different levels of judgements that we have to be aware of.’’ The idea for Tahir’s show came about through a previous stand-up routine in which audience members chose the topic they wanted him to chat about. “Racism was one of the topics the audience wanted me to talk about and it really kicked along from there.’’ For a bit more audience participation, Tahir has the Wheel of Racism for people to spin and the chance to win prizes. “I was trying to get a big prize of a double pass for two to Christmas Island, but I was out of luck. “The people running the detention centre couldn’t see the humour in it. I did ring them but they hung up on me!’’ Not only is Tahir performing in his own show, but he is also starring in Housos Live! at the Arkaba. “I can deal with the bogans first and the move on to breaking down barriers through some laughs with my show.’’ Tahir in The Complete Guide to Being A Racist, Gluttony, The Piglet, Rymill Park, February 13 to March 1. Bookings: 1300 621 255 or adelaidefringe.com.au
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