Entertainment Hive 2017

Adelaide is never off Wil Anderson’s radar

By Honey B

You have just come back from America - what were the gigs like over there? "The Americans are the only audience I play to where having an Australian accent is an advantage. In NZ they don’t laugh for the first ten minutes because they are still pissed off about the cricket. (I was once buying deodorant in a NZ pharmacy and the assistant said: “Typical Aussie, still all about the underarm”) In England they are still pissed off that 200 years ago they stayed in rainy England while they sent their convicts to the set of Home and Away. The US is the only place where people say after the show: “I could have listened to you all night” I finally know what it’s like to be Jimeoin.'' How many gigs would you do in a year? "About 150 of the Wiluminati tour, and then probably another 150 spots on shows like Set List, Prompter and Fan Fiction Comedy.'' Tell us about your latest show, Wiluminati - you are debuting it here at the Fringe? "Adelaide is the first stop on the tour. It’s the most terrifying and exciting part of the whole process because I am often hearing the jokes for the first time too. As usual it’s a brand-new hour of material, and will be a collection of the funniest shit I can think of said in a row.'' How do you feel when you are about to do a new show? "Nervous. Excited. A lot of things really. I guess the best example is it’s like a footballer who has spent a lot of time training hard preseason and now is ready to get out there and see the results of the hard work. You just want to get out there and start doing it, and hope you don’t pull a hammy in the first show.'' Adelaide always seems to be on your schedule. "I have played every Fringe except one in the last 17 years I think. These days with my heavy international touring schedule I tend to get to each major city once a year (for example after Adelaide I will head to Brisbane Comedy Festival and then Melbourne Comedy Festival). Adelaide is one of my favourite places in the world to play so it is one of the first that goes into the schedule each year.'' We are about to have a State election here, are you up on SA politics and do you have any interesting words for the pollies here? "I think politics in general would be better if they stopped relying so much on focus groups and started showing actual leadership with a view to the future. Unfortunately they would probably only stop relying on focus groups if a focus group told them to.''   What are your fave things to do in Adelaide? "I get the great joy of being in town while the Fringe is on, so I tend to use it as an opportunity to see as many shows, do as many shows, and hang out with other performers, as much as possible. My aim for the Festival is to have at least one night when I leave the Rhino Room on the same day as I went in the door.''   What makes you laugh? "I am an easy audience. I love to laugh. In fact, I would love to have me in one of my audiences. Oh hang on, that’s a stupid thing to say, I wouldn’t laugh at all I have already heard the jokes. I will have to come to one of the cheap preview nights instead.''   Wil Anderson in Wiluminati, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, The Vagabond, March 3 to 16. Bookings: Fringetix 1300 621 255
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