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Arj Barker back with a shit-load of funny

By Honey B

Comedian Arj Barker has too much to say. That’s the reason why he is back at the Adelaide Fringe two years in a row. “I try to come to Adelaide every second year,’’ he explains. “I come to Adelaide a lot, but I try to take a year off between shows. “But this year I felt inspired to come back straightaway with a new show – Organic. “I have got too much to say.’’ Barker admits he has a lot of “life changes’’ to talk about in the show as well as some “shit’’ jokes. “I am now living with somebody, which is a pretty new experience for me. “Of course, I do touch on the concept of organic and organic food and living organically. “There is some music in the show – just one song that I wrote specifically for the show which I think is my best song ever. “I am pretty happy with the song, which is called Organic, and it’s really beautiful and pretty funny. I’m not afraid to sing and play guitar – it’s a favourite hobby of mine. “And people will probably expect some shit jokes as usual – I am not going to lie to you. I mean jokes about shit, not jokes that are shit. “Well, there might be one or two bad jokes and a couple of groaner jokes and just a lot of fun. “Everything is falling into place with this show. Hopefully it’s the quickest hour at the Fringe, that’s what I aim for.’’ Barker says that going to a comedy gig is a very “present’’ thing to do. “One thing about comedy is that when you are sitting there in that theatre listening to someone talk and laughing at them it’s a very real experience. “You are not thinking about what you are going to do later or sending someone a text message – it’s a very present thing to enjoy a good laugh. “People who go to comedy shows are being grounded, in a way, and that’s why people are drawn to good comedy shows. “I think it’s a win these days when people are not thinking about their phones every five seconds. “My song Organic is about a guy who got fed up with living in this world of technology and there is a running theme in the show, but it’s sort of subtle.’’ One thing you can count on with Barker is his shows are always hilarious. “For me it’s pretty clear cut, if it’s not funny then I am going to change the show. “I put funny before a message – that’s not to say that I don’t have opinions or a point – but I never try to get a point across at the expense of a good laugh. “If I can make it funny and also make a point then that works for me. I really like that. “I would rather people walked away from my show thinking that it was hilarious.’’ Arj Barker in Organic, Adelaide Fringe, Arts Theatre, Angas Street, until March 13. Bookings: 1300 621 255
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