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Comedy threesome taken by arty Adelaide

By Honey B

Scottish comedian Stuart Mitchell has some killer stories and a very impressive celebrity endorsement. The funny-man, who is part of the Best of the Edinburgh Fest line-up, says he has been travelling a lot when he bumped into a Hollywood star. “I’ve recently performed some good gigs in the States and for the last three months I’ve travelled from Las Vegas to New York, LA and now Australia,’’ he says. “While I was in LA I went to a soccer match my cousin was coaching and Will Ferrell’s son was playing on the opposing team. “When we started talking we found we had played at some of the same comedy clubs and we had an instant connection. “A comedy routine is more than just standing up and talking to an audience – a lot of work goes into a routine. “Will Ferrell watched a clip of my set from the night before and he really liked it. Hopefully he will come to a show soon.’’ As for Mitchell’s “killer stories’’ the comedian prides himself on his honest storytelling and observational prowess. “My style is stories of my life such as the way I met my girlfriend, which was quite unusual. “I was playing a serial killer in a show and she was one of my three victims. “Now we are planning our wedding which is hard to do with both of us travelling – she’s in a children’s group like The Wiggles. “Maybe that’s why our relationship works so well – we never see each other!’’ The other two comedians handpicked for the Best of the Edinburgh Fest line-up includes Prince Abdi (UK) and Danny O’Brien (Ireland). Mitchell says the best thing about the triple bill is the diversity and range of the sets. “This line-up is a really great mix of comedy styles. “Danny talks about his Irish background and he is a very funny storyteller – this is the first time I’ve performed with Danny. “Prince does a lot of short gags and he has great observations. “This is also the first time that the Best of the Edinburgh Fest has been held in The Garden of Unearthly Delights and it’s a fantastic place to be. Danny hosted the opening night of The Garden and it was amazing.’’ Mitchell says he loves performing at the Adelaide Fringe. “This is the second time I have been to the Adelaide Fringe – I came here in 2013 as a new act. “Adelaide audiences are really comedy savvy, it’s so arty here in Adelaide. “It’s also wonderful to be performing in one city for five weeks. You really get to know a city and we absolutely love the Central Markets.’’ Best of the Edinburgh Fest featuring Stuart Mitchell (Scotland), Prince Abdi (UK) & Danny O’Brien (Ireland), The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Umbrella Revolution, until March 13. Book: 1300 621 255
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