Entertainment Hive 2020

The two sides of performance artist Bryony Kimmings

By Honey B

Bryony Kimmings' two Adelaide Fringe shows couldn't be more different. But as different as Sex Idiot and Fake It Til You Make It are, the shows do share a common link. Both are about raising awareness about two issues - the first is sexually transmitted diseases and the second is mental illness. Kimmings likes to create shows when she is angry or an issue gets to her and Sex Idiot was created because she'd reached the age of 29 and never had an STD test. The talented performance artist then set about contacting everyone she ever had a sexual encounter with and for those who responded to her - she created a piece of art in her show for them. Fake It Til You Make It is an even more personal show and it shines through as her real life partner Tim Grayburn joins Kimmings on stage to delve into the murky area of mental illness. Kimmings became angry at the lack of support for males suffering from mental illness when she discovered her partner, Grayburn, was struggling with severe depression. The petite, driven performer is bold, engaging and smart. Here she talks to Honey B about both of her unique shows. Fake It Til You Make It Sex Idiot
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