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Triple the comedy treat for Best of the Edinburgh Fest

Best of the Edinburgh Fest has been introducing Australian audiences to the hottest new comics in the world for more than 20 years. This year sees three remarkable comedians, two from the UK and one from Canada, join forces to make us all laugh. The show stars Carl Donnelly (UK) who is hot property on the UK circuit and is also a favourite with Aussie audiences and Canadian comic John Hastings will make his Aussie debut. Hastings has won the Montreal Comedy Festival Home-grown Comedy Competition. Both will be joined by Chris Martin - the UK comedian, not the countless others - who is a media darling and regularly sells out at the Edinburgh Fringe. Here Martin has a little chat to Entertainment Hive. You have been described as one of the "best observationalists'' what have you observed about Aussies? "You guys love to get up early and do weird exercises in the street. Also it's impossible to eat dinner in a restaurant after 9pm, I haven't eaten an evening meal in a week.'' You've tackled your name head on in a show - are people still confused and do you have fun with it? What would you change your name to if you could? "People don't seem to be understand how two white British men could both have such an unusual name like Chris Martin ... I would change it to Chris Crisps.'' What is it like sharing the stage with two other comedians for Best of the Edinburgh Fest? "It's a delight, so much more fun backstage. We turned a  mic stand into a motor boat engine when one of the acts was onstage.''  Do you have any sort of theme for your set and tell us a bit about it? "I do. I have an upbeat outlook on the world and like to look for the positive in anything. I also talk about owls.'' What do you think about when you are creating a show? "I think about lots of dumb stuff and generally have to filter the one most logical stuff into my set.'' Do you know when you have written a bit of comedy gold or does it take more polishing? "Normally my radar is good but sometimes I need to get the wax out and give it a good old polish.'' Are comedians competitive and why/why not? "We are, but often about dumb stuff. I haven't shaved in five months because Carl Donnelly also hasn't and I wanted to win a completely fictitious competition in my mind.'' What has really made you laugh in the last week and why was it so funny? "I have laughed so much in the last week. Highlights have been John Hastings not getting given free internet because he looks like a bully.'' What are you looking forward to at this year's Adelaide Fringe? "Just having a really nice time with good punters, good  comedians but most importantly ... good friends.'' Just for fun, if you had an elephant where would you hide it?  "Probably in India or Africa because those are countries they are native to.'' Best of the Edinburgh Fest starring Chris Martin, Carl Donnelly and John Hastings, Adelaide Fringe, Comedy Super Nova, Nova Cinemas, Rundle St, until March 15, 7.45pm. Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au or 1300 621 255
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