Entertainment Hive 2020

Fringe Funny Five

Victor Victoria from EastEnd Cabaret

 Q. Describe your show in three words. A. Filthy musical comedy!   Q. What made you laugh this week and why was it so funny? A. The reaction from the local beach-goers when I revealed my customised half-man, half- woman swimsuit – half bikini, half budgie-smuggler. One lady was so overwhelmed that she started weeping and ran up the esplanade. I enjoyed the attention.   Q. My guilty pleasure is... A. Hiding in the cupboards around our flat waiting for Bernadette to come home. And sometimes not telling her that I’m there. For hours.   Q. What's the funniest thing an audience member or fan has ever said to you? A. It was probably - and somewhat inappropriately – the time when a boy of 8 years old and his 4 year old sister both yelled “dangerwank!” at us after a show! Neither of us had realised there were secret children hidden in the audience, but their parents had brought them, and they seemed perfectly happy with their kid’s new vocabulary.   Q. Which cartoon character do you best relate to and why? A. I’m a big fan of Yosamite Sam’s moustache. It’s truly a thing to behold. But perhaps he’d be less angry if he shaved half of it off? Show details: EastEnd Cabaret: Sexual Tension 9.45pm, 2 - 15 th  March, Deluxe, Garden of Unearthly Delights
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