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Fringe Wives Club a formidable singing, dancing and glittery force

By Honey B

After a blistering 12 months, the all-singing, all-dancing, all-fighting Fringe Wives Club returns to the Adelaide Fringe to ride again in 2018. Fringe Wives Tessa Waters, Victoria Falconer  and Rowena Hutson will storm The Garden of Unearthly Delights with their first full Adelaide run of their smash hit multi award nominated show, Glittery Clittery: a ConSENSUAL Party  until March 18. Part-explosive comedy cabaret, part-interactive club night, this sequin-covered, champagne- fuelled, cosmic feminist extravaganza is guaranteed to blow minds and pants. The Wives are ready to smash the patriarchy with the full force of their combined, unquestionable talent and an empowering disco soundtrack. Fringe Wife Victoria Falconer is calling all Fringe-goers to arms in her fabulous and sparkly show, Glittery Clittery: a ConSENSUAL Party. “We can smash the patriarchy whilst smashing an espresso  martini.’’ Falconer answered a few questions below. What are the four things that set your show apart from the hundreds of others at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival? “Fierce feminism - it’s so goddamn hot right now, and for a reason. “Our show is an unashamed call-to-arms, highlighting the need for open, enthusiastic discussion around feminist issues, the need for feminism to be intersectional and accessible, whilst proving it can also be a glittery (clittery) party!  “Two – the songs. They’re all our own original work, and span a range of genres from banging pop tunes to disco  dance floor fillers to bluegrass three-part harmony numbers, complete with fiddle, banjo and egg shaker! “Thirdly, the sequins. An explosion of them. We have incredible new costumes created by Melbourne designer shero Alice Edgeley, and I am 100 per cent sure that we have the most dazzling costumes this Fringe and dammit. I’ll sequin my own face if anybody disagrees! “And #Glamtivism. This is glamour meets activism - our way of approaching issues around feminism, sex positivity and equality that is  an inclusive, fun and joyous! “We can smash the patriarchy whilst smashing an espresso  martini - in fact we encourage it.’’ What drew you to the entertainment industry? “I think it is in our blood! “All of the Fringe Wives have been working in the fringe and festival world since we left school on different projects: Tessa as a five-star (and recently ABC TV-appearing!) solo physical comedian, Rowena as an acclaimed storyteller and I am an award-winning purveyor of musical comedy cabaret through-and-through in fringe favourite acts EastEnd Cabaret and Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar. “We love this particular fringey part of the industry because we are free to create our own work, retain our creative independence, whilst being surrounded by an inspirational and incredibly self-motivated bunch of performers.’’ If you were guaranteed success in another career, what profession would you choose and why? “I would be a gin taster. That was an actual job on offer in London (where I live) for which many, many of my friends sent me the advert. And they are correct - I’m a big gin nerd and would be very, very dedicated to the job.’’ What is the funniest thing you have ever seen? “The youtube video of the Irish family trying to get the bat out of their house. I watch it every time I feel sad. Or angry. Or confused. “It overrides any other emotion. Just catch it, daddy!’’ What would you be happy to die for today? “Die for? Nope. I like living too much. “Die because of? Orgasm overload - if it’s possible. And trust me, I’ve tried. “Come to the show and you’ll probably find out how!’’ Fringe Wives Club in Glittery Clittery: a ConSENSUAL Party, Adelaide Fringe, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, until March 18. Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au 
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