Entertainment Hive 2020

Stop and smell the penguins at the Fringe

By Honey B

It’s not easy for a show to stand out during the hectic Adelaide Fringe season but comedian Harley Breen’s show has the distinct whiff of success. Smell The Penguins sounds absolutely delightful however Breen chuckles and shoots down any cute and cuddly snowy postcard pictures. “Penguins smell pretty horrible – they shit all over themselves,’’ Breen says. “Apparently when the crew doing Happy Feet were in Antarctica they came over the hill to find all of these penguins standing there and the smell was just unbelievable. “It was a big smelly, snowy, shit-pot.’’ While Breen’s latest show title comes out of an experience on Phillip Island with some penguins – the title might have more to do with the content. The veteran Fringe funnyman has certainly had some good times in life but there have been times that could be akin to standing in smelly penguin poop. “To be honest, the show isn’t really so much about smelling penguins, I mention the title once. I thought it was a funny title when I was filming an advert on Phillip Island. “There is a theme running through the show which follows what I perceived myself as being a little bit of a failure in life and being a 36 year old with not as many life skills as others – perhaps. “I went through the failure of a marriage and giving up a bit and then just letting go.’’ Breen pauses and chuckles again and says: “lucky it’s comedy’’. “But then in a very real sense I got some advice from my brother in just trusting my gut and things turned around. “I fell in love.’’ Maybe Breen’s show is more about stopping to smell the penguins and breath life in – good and bad. “You know a nice Disney ending is always good. “I might even think about putting in a Disney song. I’m still making a few notes on the show so maybe I’ll try out a song on the good people of Adelaide. “Because you know my show is really like a Disney film except it has an R-rating!’’ Harley Breen in Smell The Penguins, Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Cupola, February 12 to March 13, 9.45pm. Bookings: 1300 621 255
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