Entertainment Hive 2020

Isaac Lomman entrances Adelaide audiences again

By Honey B

Isaac Lomman is constantly trying to decipher what motivates people. Lomman, who grew up in Adelaide, has made a name for himself as a comedic hypnotist. His show, Comedy Hypnosis, Rewired, at last year’s Adelaide Fringe did extremely well and this year is even better. “Last year’s show was a bit of game- changer,’’ the humble local says. “I reached an amazing amount of people and I had such an awesome response from my hometown crowd. “People came out to see the show and also be the show.’’ Lomman says people are really into hypnosis and how it works. “A lot of people desperately want to be hypnotised and it was the running theme of my shows last year. “Unfortunately those who desperately wanted to be hypnotised the experience generally didn’t work out for them. “Usually the ones who are the sceptics end up being the stars of the show.’’ Lomman says he had an interest in psychology in high school. “I wanted to learn about what motivates people and the responses that I get from people every night who come up onto the stage constantly keep me on my feet. “I have really learnt just how powerful our imaginations are and just how creative we actually are. “Our reality is quite fluid and I am constantly surprised by what happens on-stage. “I never know what I am going to get and sometimes I am really laughing as much as the audience is as the night unfolds.’’ Isaac Lomman in Comedy Hypnosis! Entranced, Rymill Park, Gluttony, The Peacock, until March 14. Bookings: 1300 621 255
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