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Putting Lawrence Mooney on the shelf

By Honey B

Lawrence Mooney is “cherry ripe’’ for a chat before the opening of his Adelaide Fringe show in the Garden of Unearthly Delights on March 6. The well-loved comedian who went head-to- head with the Adelaide media last year is taking a look at his life in his latest comedy outing, Like Literally. “I was asked recently by a publishing company to write my memoir,’’ Mooney says. “It made me start to think about how well I would stand up next to my heroes. “How well do I stand up if my biography was sitting alongside Jack Kerouac, Dorothy Parker or Richard Burton’s? “And which memoir would I pull off of the shelf if I was picking between all of them?’’ Mooney says the show is also about which stories would make it into his memoir and which would be left out. “There would certainly be a bit of Australian politics in the memoir. “I have been living off of a Malcolm Turnbull impersonation for the last couple of years. “Malcolm will make an appearance in the show and he has a new sex tape to guide you through your convoluted pathway to self- gratification with Malcolm Turnbull – oh dear indeed! “I like to throw a few surprises into my gigs and as long as there are some good endorphins flowing around after – that’s very important.’’ If Mooney indeed writes a memoir he would have to include his summers spent in Adelaide. “I have great memories of Adelaide and not only memories of the Fringe but memories of Christmases and summers spent here with my cousins. “I have always loved coming to Adelaide for holidays and to now come for the Adelaide Fringe is very lucky. “I’ve been performing at the Fringe for about seven or eight years now and the Fringe works so well because Adelaide comes out in force to see it and to participate – there is such great gratitude out there. “Even before I came to the Fringe as a comedian I would come over to see other shows. I can remember seeing the Don Dunstan plays and Steven Berkoff.’’ This year, Mooney says he is looking forward to seeing fellow comedian, Greg Fleet’s, latest work Signifying Nothing at Holden Street Theatres. “I’m so glad that Fleety is enjoying some success with his political take on Shakespeare’s Macbeth.’’ Meanwhile, life is busy for Mooney who is presenting a new women’s football league show and he will also be hosting a new adult game show for Channel 7. For a chance to win one of five double passes to Lawrence Mooney’s latest comedy show, Like Literally, Enter here, email:honeypot@entertainmenthive.com.au in the subject add the prize name and remember to leave your name, address and phone number. Lawrence Mooney in Like Literally, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, The Factory,  March 6 to 19, 8.15pm. Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au or 1800 621 255
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