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Matt Okine is a man of many hats

By Honey B

Matt Okine’s worn many hats over the years and now the comedian, actor, broadcaster and writer is returning to stand up stages around the country for comedy festival season in 2018 with a new live show. Okine will bring his latest work, THE HAT GAME, his seventh solo show, to the 2018 Adelaide Fringe for an exclusive two nights only in March after spending much of 2017 on other projects. It's been a massive 12 months for Okine since vacating the triple j breakfast slot and slamming Head-first into 2017. Matt co-wrote and starred in the television adaption of his award-winning semi- autobiographical stand up show The Other Guy for Stan which aired in August and earned him a 2017 AACTA Award nomination for the Subscription TV Award for Best New Talent. He also hosted ABC TV cooking series, Short Cuts To Glory and under the name Boilermakers, released several music tracks last year including the soundtrack single for The Other Guy, Warning Signs ft. KLP. Read more about the amazingly talented Matt Okine below. What are the four things that set your show apart from the hundreds of others at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival. “Hundreds of shows?!?!  Dear lord, I'm doomed!  My manager told me it'd just be me and a Japanese kabuki dance duo at this year's Fringe fest, and that the only venue was a section of footpath out the front of the strip club that Nollsy got arrested at last year, so... I've really only planned for that. So, OK if I have to, I'd say: 1) It's my first time back to Adelaide in two years, so I’m coming in red hot. 2) I was once in a club on Hindley St with Dave Chappelle and Aussie comic Luke McGregor. A seemingly mismatched but pretty unique crew, you gotta admit. 3) In all honesty, I may very well not be your thing. If you come to my show, and approach me afterwards in the foyer with information on the style of comedy you prefer, I can point you in the directions of what'll suit your tastes. Maybe Becky Lucas or Rhys Nicholson would be more your thang. I am your Tinder for laughs. 4) And my show is the only one that will have Suffa from the Hilltop Hoods in attendance... (I hope). He hasn't messaged me back on Instagram for a while :/ ) What drew you to the entertainment industry? “I literally just wanted to do a uni course that required no homework, so I studied a BFA in Acting. “For the record, BFA stands for "Bachelor of Fuck-All...". It basically means I can work in any cafe around Australia. “I hate studying, and - to be honest - I hate working. Why do we all do it? “We should all go on strike. Everyone, right now. Because working absolutely pongs. “But joking around on stage for an hour and then being able to hit up Sunny's Pizza, or Rocket Bar, or hanging out with friends in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, doesn't really feel like work. It's actually the best.’’ If you were guaranteed success in another career, what profession would you choose and why? “Is professional long-lunching a thing? “God damn I love a long-lunch. There's barely a day that goes by that I don't think about sitting around somewhere with a water view and smashing delicious food and drink into my fat face until you could make fois gras out of my liver. “But I've learned that turning your hobbies into work can quickly ruin them, so maybe I'd have to do something a bit more laborious... maybe real estate? “I've legit seen every episode of Selling Houses Australia at least three times (that's not a joke), so I feel like I've done at least half the training already.’’ What is the funniest thing you have ever seen? “My dad is a dentist and he won a year's supply of chewing gum when I was 14. Anyway, my friend and I decided to have a chewing gum eating competition: ie, how much chewie can you fit in your mouth. “My friend went first and crammed eight packets into his mouth all at once, and just as he was squeezing the last piece in, I read on the back of the chewing gum packet: 'Excessive use may cause laxative effect'. “That was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Because my friend can tell you, that warning is very, very real. Ha- ha.’’ What would you be happy to die for today? “A swim and a long lunch at Glenelg. And a message back from Suffa. Come on, Suff, if you're reading this I'm sorry for all the DM's and for sending you my hair. I'm just a big fan. “Please come to my show. Bring Pressure and DJ Debris. Please!’’ Matt Okine in The Hat Game, Adelaide Fringe, The Arts Theatre, March 9 & 10. Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au 
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