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Getting the Downe low

By Honey B

There have been some rumours circulating about the fabulous Bob Downe and it's all a bit distressing. The much-loved Prince of Polyester hasn't been to Adelaide for a couple of  years, but could he have changed so much? In Downe's latest show - Bob, Sweat and Tears - the entertainment icon deals with the rumours that, shock, horror, he is actually straight. "There have been all sorts of rumours and allegations floating around of late,'' Downe says. "These are nasty rumours that Bob may be straight. "This could seriously damage his career. He could be banned from the Sydney Mardi Gras.'' Downe (who is the creation of journalist/actor/comedian Mark Trevorrow) says the two hour show will feature plenty of guest stars and a live band led by John Thorn. "Willsy (Anne Wills) will be joining me on-stage and she's a sensational performer and a true SA icon. "We will definitely be performing a few songs together and just having a wonderful time.'' There are more than 30 songs in Bob's latest show as well as plenty of new jokes. "I haven't worked with a live band for about five years and it's such a big show. "There are two fabulous Adelaideans in the band and I'm working with my long-time musical director John Thorn. "Also, I haven't sung any of these songs before and they are classics from the 1960s and 1970s. "Some of the songs are Leader of the Gang, Sweet Caroline and Spinning Wheel - but I am the master of the medley. I've tried to fit as many songs into this show as I possibly could. "Of course I am doing a Blood, Sweat and Tears medley because how could you call a show Blood, Sweat and Tears and not have a Blood, Sweat and Tears song in it?'' When it come to Downe it's also all about the costumes and this time round he has some wonderful stretch polyester numbers. "I am feeling particularly good in my green pinstripe suit - it's a wonderful racing green.'' Bob, Sweat and Tears featuring Bob Downe, Adelaide Fringe, Arts Theatre, city, March 7 to 15. Bookings: Fringetix 1300 621 255
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