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Goddesses just want to have fun

By Honey B

There is nothing like a broken heart to spawn a fabulous revenge show and former Adelaide performer Louise McCabe has done just that with her new cabaret show. Conversations With Goddesses looks at what Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, would do if she came back to Earth to look for a man. "I was really depressed when I started researching this show - I had really had my heart broken,'' McCabe confides. "So I was reading about depression and goddesses and one of the goddesses is a symbol for depression. She is kidnapped by Hades and when she goes to the underworld she transforms herself and she comes out as a stronger person. "She comes out as the queen of the underworld and becomes a wise woman and helps others.'' That's just what McCabe was aiming to do in her show, but she thought her first draft was a bit heavy. "I wanted to turn this pain into a piece of art but it was turning out so heavy. "I decided to try it as a cabaret piece and I thought - 'what if the Goddesses could come and talk to us - what would they say?'. "Aphrodite the Goddess of Love interested me the most and I started with the premise of: what if Aphrodite came back to Earth looking for the love of her life - Adonis? "He has probably been re-incarnated because he had a lot of spiritual growth to do and he has to work on himself on the inside - even though he's gorgeous on the outside. "That's the way it goes - gee they are beautiful but they need some internal work! "But Aphrodite comes back and nothing has changed. Women and men are still warring with each other and the planet is out of control - what would she say?'' McCabe then wondered what all of the goddesses would have to say to us. "All of these stories about gods and goddesses are just myths to teach us stuff and they are presented in fun and exciting ways so that people take the lessons in. "So that's what I have aimed to do and I have made this show as beautiful as I can, because we often lack beauty in this world. Aphrodite would like the beauty.'' McCabe says the show is not only for women but it's also wonderful for the guys. "I am hoping that women will want to come and bring their partners. "The message is really that men and women are out of balance and that both sexes are important. We are equal and we have equal stuff to bring to the table. "The show is definitely very empowering for women but it's very accessible for men. "We all have masculine and feminine values within ourselves and I hope that everyone explores those values and that men feel good about being masculine, because that is beautiful too. "And maybe they will feel more inspired about the wonderfulness of women and the wonderful things we have to offer.'' McCabe has sprinkled an eclectic bunch of songs throughout the show as well as gone to extreme fashion heights with her gorgeous costumes. "I use a lot of music throughout the show from cabaret songs to Threepenny Opera, Alanis Morissette, Shirley Bassey and Chaka Khan. "I also have massive angel wings that go down to the floor with lots of sequins. There are some belly dancing costumes and a great gothic costume too.'' Finally, it's important to know if McCabe's heart has healed and if there is anyone new in her life? "My heart has healed but there is no one special at the moment. "But my heart is very healed and open and full of love.'' Conversations with Goddesses starring Louise McCabe, Adelaide Fringe, The Big Slapple, Adelaide Convention Centre, North Tce, February 27 & 28 and March 1 & 2. Bookings: Fringetix 1300 621 255
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