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Discover the delights in Glory Box

By Honey B

Moira Finucane is inviting Adelaide Fringe revellers to open up the Glory Box and see what delight awaits inside. Finucane says: "There might be something to make you blush or seduce you. It might make you cry or make you laugh - but it will certainly make you feel.'' The renowned burlesque performer created the seductive spectacle with Jackie Smith more than 10 years ago and it's still one of the hottest tickets worldwide. In fact Glory Box, which was formerly called The Burlesque Show, hasn't been to Adelaide for four years because of touring commitments. "When we were asked to perform in the Paradiso Spiegeltent in the Garden of Unearthly Delights we really jumped at the chance,'' Finucane enthuses. "We have performed in Adelaide about six times and we were first invited to Adelaide by Julia Holt for the Cabaret Festival. "It's very exciting to be coming back to Adelaide and especially as we have just come back from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We were the first Australian show to be invited to Latin America's major international arts festival. "We will definitely be bringing a whole lot of wild new works inspired by our travels to Adelaide.'' Travelling is what first inspired Finucane and Smith to create Glory Box after becoming inspired one rainy night in southern China. "It was pouring with rain and hundreds of Chinese lanterns were swaying like jellyfish from this massive tree and we were sitting on the veranda drinking an indescribable alcohol and there was a folk singer playing, a snake dancer dancing and all of these really excited people. "We knew right then that we wanted to open a salon like that and make it an underground, unforgettable seductive and subversive experience.'' Finucane says they bought a box of Chinese lanterns right there and went home to Melbourne and opened the Glory Box - which sold out the first night it opened and continues to do so. "It was raining the first night we opened in Melbourne and since then we have won six Theatre Awards and it's been seen by 200,000 people around the world and it's been acclaimed in 12 languages.'' One thing Finucane knows about her chameleon-like show is that it must continue to evolve. "The Glory Box is really like a shark - if it stops moving it dies. "It's an amazing privilege to create a provocative ride of a show that takes people from the known to the unknown. "To give people a show that mixes up all types of really old entertainment genres from dance and circus to variety and vaudeville and burlesque and drag - it's simply thrilling.'' Finucane says her six incendiary divas will bring with them suitcases bursting full of sequined gowns & straightjackets, six inch heels and two-foot nails, strings of pearls (and not much else), cutaway wetsuits, mirrorballs and a single trapeze, are set to go off like a box of banned firecrackers. The lovely ladies include Pearl of the Pacific Azaria Universe; wolf-girl showgirl direct from Berlin Lily Paskas; uber-exotique backroom ballerina Jessica Wong; wild-child Hawaiian circus star Lilikoi Kaos; Parisienne siren Holly Durant and bombshell discotheque Sarah Ward. Finucane will also be lording over the Paradiso court, bringing back her provocative portrayal of the Queen of Hearts. "The Queen of Hearts is one of my most famous pieces and it is me in a red velvet bikini covered by 150 red balloons. The Queen has caused a riot in a London club and she has melted snow in Sweden! "I'm also doing this fantastic new work called Soup which is a vampiric, gothic and erotic piece. "Azaria will be doing a wild, magic striptease and Holly, who is based in Paris, is doing a dance which is based on German expressionism and disco to Donna Summer's I Feel Love. "I swear it's one of the most sexiest things I have ever seen with 100 metres of green chiffon veils swooping through the audience - it's just beautiful.'' Finucane says there is a "huge'' resurgence in variety shows. "We have an undying passion for the art form and for the audience. "We will take people lovingly by the hand into the unknown on an incredible journey. "Just watch as we unleash our passion and the sparks fly - I think Adelaide could combust!'' Glory Box, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, Paradiso Spiegeltent, February 24 to March 13, 10.30pm. Bookings: Fringetix 1300 621 255
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