Entertainment Hive 2017

Taylor stays true to the music

by Honey B

Taylor Henderson isn't letting coming in second on this season of the X-Factor slow him down. The down-to-earth muso is enjoying the release of his debut self-titled album and also being on tour with a few of his X-Factor buddies. Henderson recently reached number one on the ARIA charts with his first single, Borrow My Heart. "It's a great song and I still can't believe it's up there on the charts alongside Katy Perry and other amazing musicians,'' Henderson enthuses. The honest muso had a chat to Entertainment Hive on the Adelaide leg of the X-Factor tour and the singer/guitarist has his sights set on a long career in the music industry. How has this rollercoaster ride been? The whole journey has just been so amazing with how it has all worked out. I remember going on the stage and thinking "I'll give it a crack'' and now I am talking to you lovely people and it has been incredible, it has been amazing. You had already had a taste of reality TV on Australia's Got Talent, but when did X-Factor get really serious for you? I remember when I got to the home visits, where we go overseas, and I got to go to LA things changed. I had never been overseas before so I thought "man I can't believe the first time I get to go overseas and they are shooting it for Australia to see'', but man I was so nervous and I really thought I was going home. I had sung and I thought "you know what it's okay and I have come this far and it's all good''. I remember getting sent through and straight to the live shows and that is when you really know it's just full on and you just have to take it by the horns and go full ahead - it's just crazy. Can you believe how crazy good everyone was this year. I know and I think what is great about this season was that we were just all in the experience together - we just enjoyed it. If anything we all just got along and it was us just getting up on stage and cheering each other on so it was really, really good. The success of your first single must be mind-blowing and just quietly everyone thinks that you got the best single! Oh you can't say that! All the singles are pretty good. I think Dami's is really good and I really like Jai's as well. I really like mine because it is my style. I think Dami sings her song incredibly, she sings it so well. On the show she sang a lot of powerful ballads and she really got to show some movement in her voice and I can't wait for her next single because I know it's just going to be incredible. Tell us about your single, Borrow My Heart, and what is the feeling like after you sing a song and it is at the top of the charts instantly? Oh I know, people must have some terrible phone bills. It's just amazing when you hear your song on the radio. I can remember busking out the front of our supermarket. I spent a lot of time there perfecting my art. Man it was great when it started to kick off and my album is out now so it's just really, really good and I am really, really happy. I guess I am just looking forward to the next chapter and I just want to learn and keep growing in this industry. What have you learnt the most about recording and recording so quickly? I had to record my album in three days, so that's 11 songs in three days and it takes a toll on your voice. Some of those songs aren't easy songs to sing and you have got some big notes, but it's going good. Tell me about your mentors and Ronan had the boys but the other judges too were so fantastic with everyone. That's right, and Ronan was great and he is very nice. He is very business-like and he just wanted to get the job done and he wanted to get it done right. I think all of the judges were. What's it like being on tour with the guys? We have been swimming and getting a bit of our tan going on and going out to dinner and I am rooming with Jordan from Third Degree and he is just hilarious and I can't stop laughing. We are all just having fun, but when it is show time we are a bit more serious. I think people enjoy a bit of imperfection which is good. What can you remember from growing up and doing things with your dad? The best thing about dad and I know he is my dad but he is a great friend and I think that is really important and I look up to him for advice. We have done gigs together and he's very good with guiding me and I respect the man. He only wants the best for me and that's all I can ever offer is my best. What's the one song on the album you really love? I am really excited because in the early stages of the competition (at super bootcamp)I did a few numbers with my guitar and I did this song called Human Nature by Michael Jackson which is the very last track of the album. It's a song that everyone really likes and it's really, really good and I got to do it stripped back and it's me and my guitar. That is probably my favourite song. Are you looking any further ahead? Oh there's lots of plans and I have got a manager and there is a really good team that's working behind me but I don't want to look too far ahead and you want to take each day as it comes. That is what I am doing and I am just enjoying my time here and I just want to be the best I can. Taylor Henderson's self-titled CD is out now.
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