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Musicals given the Woo factor for the Fringe By Honey B Adelaide Fringe darling Le Gateau Chocolat may know more musicals than his sensational singing partner Jonny Woo – but Woo has a secret musical weapon. It’s the mother of all musicals – Les Miserables. “I know the entire score to Les Mis and in the show I will be channelling the entire cast during a six minute Les Miser-massacre.’’ Woo enthuses. “While I believe Le Gateau will be having his hair done – not to give anything away. “But as a teenager I listened to Les Mis on repeat, even before I had seen it. “When I got to see it in the theatre I knew every word. I’d imagined the show so much bigger in my head than when I saw it live. “I do love the film version.’’ Woo also admits to having a “thing’’ for musical The Baker’s Wife: “it’s so obtuse and obscure that no one will know it – I don’t think Le Gateau likes it though.’’ The renowned UK pair is ready to dazzle with curtain-raiser after curtain-raiser every night in show-stopping style for their cabaret extravaganza A Night at the Musicals from February 12 to March 13. Woo says it’s a show they have been working on for around four years. “Le Gateau and I have been working together for almost 10 years. We met when I did a night called Gay Bingo back in Brighton (UK) and he wanted to be a part of the show. “We also wanted to do a night of show tunes and we came up with the cheesy title of - A Night at the Musicals. It says what it is. “Since then we have just thrown loads of songs at it and the response to this show is so good. “People usually get so excited by it and love it because we do so much stuff with plenty of sub-text and questions and confrontation. “This show is really about having a really good time, being really silly and giving people the songs they know but maybe showing them in a different way that they have never seen before.’’  The dynamic bathing suit beauties also have a Disney moment during the show which Woo says includes some incredible millenary. “We have a really pretty Disney moment and we have some really nice hats – which has really just made travelling quite interesting. “I’m not sure how we are getting all of these odd shaped boxes to Australia. “Oh and we have some Elaine Page and Barbara Dickenson in the show. “I can’t say any more now, but what I can say is that people will be up on their feet and dancing - I promise you. “I will give you $100 if they are not!’’ A Night at the Musicals, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Studio 7, February 12 to March 13. Tickets: $32 full, $28 conc, Cheap Tuesdays all tix $25. For tickets and further info visit: www.adelaidefringe.com.au or 1300 621 255 or www.gardenofunearthlydelights.com.au
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