Entertainment Hive 2020

Andrew Strano in Nailed It!

Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Adelaide Premiere, June 10 – 11, Artspace

Describe your show in one sentence Flyering  for our Edinburgh season got this down to an artform: "A heartfelt and meaningful look at life, love, hogwarts, incest and plant genitalia." People would either be like "omg! I love Harry Potter!" Or "wait... Incest?". What is your favourite moment in this show and why? There's one thing I say that the audience knows I'm going to say and can't believe I'm going to say and then I say it and the groan is perfect. There's a bit of the show where we talk about the things that we do in the wake of a break up... We did the show in Wagga Wagga and there was an older gent sitting with his arms folded in a corner. When I was talking about swapping from container to container of peanut butter and Nutella with the same spoon you've been using for the past four days, I heard him give out a loud sigh and say "yeahhhhh". He was so shocked that he'd said it out loud! It was a marvellous moment of connection. We're not really all that different are we? What excites you most about cabaret? Exactly that. The connection.  I love the intimacy. It feels wonderful that you can share something with a group of people - the way each show is different depending who you're in that room with. Those magic moments where you really connect with the audience - or vice versa. When I watch cabaret, it's what I love too. If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would that place be? The um... Adelaide Cabaret Festival?  Not a bad start! What is the song/movie or musical you love the most and why? Oh no. It changes daily. At the moment I'm obsessed with Beyoncé's Lemonade. In particular Daddy Lessons. It’s so rewarding to hear her singing a more conventional song form. As far as movies, if it makes me cry, I'm in. Pixar, you feel me? Top 5 musicals at the moment... Hamilton, Legally Blonde, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Company and... Cabaret. They all say something worthwhile. They're funny and real and each catches you in its world. What is your favourite sound in the whole world? Applause. I'm a cabaret performer. We're needy. (But for real? Rain on the window when you don't have to get out of bed) Andrew Strano’s show Nailed It is a celebration of the insane, brutal and hilarious things we do when we’re in love or falling out of love. Featuring the Green Room Award-winning original songs of Mackenzie-Spencer and Strano, Nailed It reunites the team with director and long-time collaborator Casey Gould to bring audiences a show about love, loss and even coming to terms with you innate solitude. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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