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Police officers band together in Cop Stars!

Constable Melissa McCaig is a police officer who sticks to her beat – or the beat of the Police concert band. McCaig fronts the concert band and is excited to be performing at the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Something On Saturday in Cop Stars! South Australia’s official 36-piece police concert band is bringing all of our crowd favourites to life in this outstanding and infectious family performance including How Far I'll Go from  Moana,  Friend Like Me from  Aladdin and Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Here McCaig answers some questions about what it is like to be a musical police officer. What attracted you to joining the police force and its concert band? “Band members join via audition, directly into the band are then sworn in as Police Officers.  “ I was very attracted to the opportunity to work full time as a singer and musician and I loved the idea of connecting with so many different groups in the community in the way that the Police band does.’’ How important is it to have a police band out in the community? “We play an important role in building relationships between SAPOL and the community.   Especially with young people, we’re an important conduit to deliver messages of safety and wellbeing and to have a positive presence.’’ This concert sounds like it’s great for families – is it good for youngsters to see police officers having fun? “Yes the concert is especially designed for families and it’s all about giving children a positive interaction with Police Officers and teaching them about the role of SAPOL in the community.’’ Can you tell us a bit about this concert and some of the songs you will be performing? “Lots of songs that families love to sing and dance to – soundtracks from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks as well as some old favourites like Superman and Star Wars.’’ What do you love about being the singer fronting this band? “I have been a professional singer for 20 years and I’m still as passionate about music today as I ever was. “It’s a huge privilege  to do what I love as a job and I love connecting with audiences and helping people in the community to understand what we do and how Police are there to keep everyone safe.’’ Can you name a couple of your favourite songs from this show and why do you like them? “I’m looking forward to singing How Far I’ll Go from Moana – and I hope lots of children will sing along with me!  “There are also quite a few songs from the movie Sing! which are great old pop tunes that a whole new generation of children have now discovered.’’ Do the kids and families like to talk to you after concerts and what do they say? “We love to chat with families after our performances and they’re always very positive about the experience. “Lots of people say they had no idea the Police band could be so fun and entertaining! “We also hear lots of stories from young people who have Aunties or Grandpas who are police officers and about how they want to grow up to be a police officer too – so that’s great.’’ What have been some of the highlights for you performing in the Band of SA Police? “The overseas performances, for example performing for her Majesty the Queen’s 90 th  birthday, are very exciting and such an honour but really, some of my favourite performances are for small community groups of people who are such great examples of looking after each other and getting on with it.’’ What are your favourite memories of the Adelaide Festival Centre?  “I have many fabulous memories of the Festival Centre across my career as a singer, which I’m extremely proud of, and also an audience member - too many to possibly name! “One that stands out was taking my daughter to see Broadway legend Bernadette Peters as part of the Cabaret Festival, six days after she was born!’’ Cop Stars!, Something on Saturday, Adelaide Festival Centre, Dunstan Playhouse, Saturday, August 4. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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