Entertainment Hive 2018

Hue Blanes’ moon song blues

By Honey B

Musician Hue Blanes is walking down a sunny Melbourne street with the birds singing and cats are out playing in the sun. He muses that it’s “unseasonably hot’’ but it is “pretty good’’ Melbourne weather for the end of May. But it’s probably not the kind of weather that inspires this master of melancholy to write one of his signature tunes. “I guess it is a bit too sunny to write anything heartbreaking,’’ he says. “It’s probably lucky then that I am not really writing that much at the moment because there is so much happening. “I generally write when I have got a little bit more time and space – where I have about six hour blocks in the day when I can just think about stuff. “At the moment I am preparing for shows.’’ Blanes is in the serious countdown to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and the opening night of his latest show, Hue Blanes and The Moon. “I’m flying in a few days early to be ready for the show and possibly go to McLaren Vale and see some other Cabaret Festival shows as well. “I would like to see John Thorn’s show Background Boy and also Colin Lane and David Hobson as they have this great musical comedy thing going on.’’ The virtuosic Blanes says his show is all about beauty. “Beauty is the main word. It’s beauty and ugliness, beauty and nature and failure at relationships and death and life and the planets and the moon. “I actually don’t talk during the show, there are recordings from the future – if that makes any sense! “I use placards during the show and I do get a lot of laughs, which is weird because I am not a comedian and the show isn’t necessarily funny. “It’s set in my bedroom and it’s the end of the world. The audience can feel what it is like to be in my head. “I wouldn’t necessarily recommend being in my head, but it’s a really interesting show.’’ Co-artistic director of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival Eddie Perfect obviously agrees with Blanes – giving him the “captain’s pick’’ for his show. “I don’t even know what the captain’s pick means, but if it’s good then I’ll roll with it!’’ Hue Blanes and The Moon, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Artspace, Thursday to Saturday, June 16- 18. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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