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Cabaret chanteuse’s Aussie love affair

By Honey B

Lady Rizo is ready to unleash herself on Adelaide audiences again in her latest show, Unescorted. The glamourous cabaret chanteuse has taken Australia to heart – even though it means a 22 hour plane journey. “I wish there was a super speed plane because the flight time just isn’t doing it for me,’’ she laments from sunny Seattle in the US. “I love coming to Australia and this time I don’t have a chaperone and I am unleashed on ya’ all! “But Adelaide is very special to me and I haven’t come across a festival that has cabaret and is so forward thinking. “A lot of cabaret programming in America is a little older or an older version of cabaret, so I am excited to be coming back.’’ Rizo (aka Amelia Zirin-Brown) also has a couple more reasons why she has an on-going love affair with Australia. As a teenager Rizo came to Australia and stayed in Victoria with a host family and her partner lighting director partner is also an Aussie. “I had such a great time with Kate Ceberano the last time I was in Adelaide (2013) and it was so funny because after my shows I went to visit my host family and they love Kate Ceberano. “They were very impressed that I was friends with Kate and they pulled out this record where she was all Madonned-out on the cover. “Before I came to Australia as a 17 year old, my fantasy was of an Australian surfer feeding me grapes by the beach. I think most Americans have a fantasy of what Australia is like.’’ But the biggest reason Rizo is now a true Aussie is that she has her first baby on the way. “My life is different because I am in love with an Australian – but I am pregnant for the first time and my baby is going to be half Australian. “It’s very exciting and I’m not sure how it is going to affect my material but it definitely will affect my material and my viewpoint. “I am certainly not going to not mention it during the show because you will see it, number one, and I am trying to connect my life to be more Australian. “I do have a little bump and I am 17 weeks, so I will be about four months pregnant when I am there.’’ But audience members, men especially, shouldn’t relax too much as this feisty comedienne is ready to come out all guns blazin’. “Men are no match when you can summon the feminine divine even for a brief few hours and you realise why we have been repressed for so long – they (men) are scared!’’ Rizo’s show will include songs by Dolly Parton, Jimi Hendrix, Blondie and Burt Bacharach. And as for performing with another great stage icon, Rizo couldn’t be more excited. “Oh I have been so excited to meet Barry Humphries and let me tell you, he has a lot of fans in America. “It’s very meaningful, especially amongst performers – what a legend. “To be performing alongside him in  a guest spot in Sir Les With Love is going to be amazing and having him helm the Adelaide Cabaret Festival is wonderful. He has such depth and is truly a comedic legend.’’ Lady Rizo will also host the Backstage Club from June 18-20. Lady Rizo in Unescorted, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Space Theatre, 17-19 June. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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