Entertainment Hive 2020

Miss Behave’s Gameshow

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, 16 – 18 June, Space Theatre

Describe your show in one sentence An anarchic game show where I divide the audience into 2 teams (iPhone v Everyone else) and play funny silly games. What is your favourite moment in this show and why? It’s always different, because you never know what the audience will do. I guess my favourite moment is right at the start of the show, first game. Dial My Number Quickest, and everyone becomes a child, in that moment.  What excites you most about cabaret? The fact that anything could happen, and secretly that’s what the audience wants.  If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would that place be? My new favourite place to perform is San Francisco, so I am looking forward to going back! I have a deep relationship with Adelaide though, with this show and with me as a performer, so I am very excited to be coming back for such a prestigious festival.  What is the song/movie or musical you love the most and why? My favourite musicals are Rocky Horror and Cabaret. I saw them very early in life and they gave me a passionate love for the backstage, being able to see behind the curtains, and the fact that who you are, is exactly who you should be. ‘Don’t dream it, be it’ Frankenfurter What is your favourite sound in the whole world? A snare drum and rimshot accentuating a joke. 
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