Entertainment Hive 2020

Movie magic with the ASO

It’s hard to imagine great movies without great soundtracks accompanying them in this concert the ASO performs music from some of the world’s best films, from John Williams epic Star Wars and Hans Zimmers bombastic Gladiator  and even Nigel Westlake’s playful Babe. Effervescent conductor Guy Noble is sure this sequel, Movie Masterpieces II, will be better than the original. Noble will be joined on-stage by film aficionado Margaret Pomeranz from Foxtel’s Of Stage and Screen. The show will be a wonderful adventure, walk down the red carpet and delight in the brilliant orchestral showpieces that are the signature themes of some of the greatest movies of all time. How does it feel to be coming back for a Movie Masterpieces sequel? “Wonderful! It’s great to be back on stage with Margaret Pomeranz.’’  How will this sequel be better than the original? “The special effects from the orchestra are going to be even more amazing. And the music is extremely varied - something for everyone.’’  Which movie sequels do you think are better than the original and why? “I think Toy Story 2 was better than the first - once they had established the characters, you can have more fun and get straight into the story.’’ New movie Baby Driver has just blown everyone away with its musical choices and musical synchronicity - how important is the musical score in a movie? “Hugely important. Can you imagine Star Wars without the wonderful orchestral themes of John Williams or American Beauty without the marimba riff?’’  What signature theme from a movie moves you when you hear it and why? “I love the opening credits music of To Kill a Mockingbird. After the opening on piano, when the orchestra sweeps in it just gets me - I can barely conduct it without crying - one of the few pieces in any genre that has that effect. “I might need a box of tissues on stage.’’ Who was your teen idol movie crush? “I was a bit older than a teen, but for years I had a huge Pretty Woman crush on Julia Roberts, especially singing “Kiss” in a bathtub.    What movie should children watch? “Inside Out - what a heartfelt, brilliant, moving and positive film about the feelings of feelings, and that it is OK to be sad.’’ In your opinion, what is the best film score? “Every time I raise my baton to conduct the main title from Star Wars I get a thrill - it really is the most magnificent opening to a film ever.’’ What is it like working with Margaret Pomeranz? “So much fun - she is a legend and yet very down to earth and personable. We had so much fun last time and it is great to be able to do another concert together. I couldn’t even say work together, because it doesn’t feel like work at all.’’  Do you have any movie jokes or impersonations ready to go for this performance? “I have been practising the Maximus Decimus Meridius speech! Of course it’s from Gladiator,  I actually know it off by heart’’ Movie Masterpieces II: The Sequel, Friday 4 & Saturday 5 August – 7.30pm, Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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