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Kids just wanna disco with Peter Baecker

By Honey B

Peter Baecker is walking in sunshine as he premieres his 80's Kids - Show, Disco Stars event at the Royal Croquet Club. The Austrian-born performance artist is eager to pass on his love of 80's music to the younger generation at this all inclusive party. "It's the first time I am doing a kids show ,'' the enthusiastic performer says. "I wanted to see my art through the eyes of children. "My shows are about emotions and feelings and, for me, it's not just remembering the 80's music, it's all about the feelings that came and come up from the music. "I translate that through what I say and how I dance and behave and I absolutely love the 80's since the 80's.'' Baecker, who has performed his 80's Kids show in Sydney, says he loves how open the children are to the music. "They (kids) are absolutely there in the second and you don't have to make them open to what you do. They either like it or they don't and they decide to participate or they don't. "That's the difference to working with adults or kids - adults have sometimes have to be lured in which works with how I do my adults show. "Kids are just pure souls and they just enjoy it from the start. "In Sydney I had a six year old and a 4 year old dancing with me on-stage and the six year old knew every lyric to What A Feeling. "These songs really translate across all generations.'' As well as getting on-stage with Baecker, the performer lets the kids explore and play with his records and turntable. "It all really started with my niece as I had bought this portable sound system one Christams and she just loved it. "She instantly started to put on records and make announcements and really go for it. She was totally into it and was the host of the night. "Lots of times kids aren't allow to touch things and people don't want them scratching the records or breaking them. But I have a turntable and records and they can touch them and put the records on and just go for it. "The kids get this real experience of how music was produced back in the day.'' The other fantastic thing about Baecker's party is that there are no age restrictions - it's a totally inclusive family event. "I didn't want to restrict the age at all. I was part of The Rocks Village Bizarre Festival in Sydney and I had this little girl, she might have been one, she smiled at me and started to wiggle and was just happy. "It's the same for the older kids, you can got to discos for the young ones but if you want to go out as a family and there's is an age range between your children it can be hard. "This is just a fun music show for all the family - kids have fun and so do the parents. Parents are very welcome to come and have a dance with their kids or let their kids run free and dance.'' This year is Baecker's 20th stage anniversary and there are a few 1980's songs he still can't get enough of. "Every time I put on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun I wonder when this is going to be too much. It's one of those songs I play nearly every time, so very rarely I don't play it. "As soon as I hear it, it makes me happy and I go for it. "When I put together my set I try to discover new old songs that I don't play. At the moment one of my favourites is Donna Summer's Our Love and Calling America by Electric Light Orchestra. Oh I also love Africa by Toto. "One song that is usually the first in my DJ set is Gonna Make You Sweat by CC Music Factory, which is what I usually do - it's such a hymn and it just makes it in because it was out in 1989/1990.'' Peter Baecker in 80's Kids - Show, Disco, Stars!, Adelaide Fringe, Royal Croquet Club, The Black Box, Saturday and Sunday throughout the Fringe, 11am. 80's by Peter Baecker Live - Show and Party, Royal Croquet Club, until March 14. Bookings for both shows: www.adelaidefringe.com.au or 1300 621 255
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