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Magical lunacy Peter and Bambi style

By Honey B

Once in your life you find someone who will turn your life around – according to singer Bryan Adams. For Adelaide Cabaret audiences that someone, or someone’s, are magical duo Peter and Bambi Heaven who are bringing their The Magic Inside show to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. The solid gold characters are the creation of versatile variety performers Asher Treleaven and Gypsy Wood. “Peter and Bambi met at Landmark on the Gold Coast and they are very much into personal development and carpe diem – seizing the day,’’ Treleaven explains. “One of Peter’s favourite sayings is: ‘tonight is the first day of now’. “He says that at the start of every show just to get pumped and to get into the mood.’’ Australia’s most loved up delusional dancing magicians were born when Wood suggested to Treleaven that they should create a show together. The pair did just that and after a brief stint taking the show on the road they decided there was enough audience reaction to take it to the next level. “We came home and decided that we were going to go for it properly and we went back to the drawing board. “Creating the show was like birthing something. It’s not necessarily the easiest and there was a lot of rehearsal room anxiety, tears and tantrums on both sides. “But we were actually married for eight years so we are good at getting over that kind of shit.  “Since then Peter and Bambi have exceeded all of our expectations and they’ve just gone from strength- to-strength.’’ Trevelean describes Peter and Bambi Heaven’s The Magic Inside as a “banger’’. “Pre-show the music is pumping and you know it’s going to be a ridiculous hour of idiocy. “The performance does what it sets out to do and everyone who comes in has an awesome time. “At the Edinburgh Fringe the show was described as ‘getting into a convertible, putting on the tunes and driving as fast as you can for an hour’. “It’s a ridiculous amount of fun.’’ The David Copperfield and Claudia Schiffer-like duo are both excited to be bringing their show to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival this year. Gypsy is from Adelaide and Trevelean says they love nothing more than op shopping on Port Road. “Gypsy grew-up in Prospect and we love to scout a lot of the second-hand stores for old rock eisteddfod dance costumes for inspiration. “Costuming the show is so much fun and the amount of costume changes in the show is absolutely ridiculous. “There are also a number of costume malfunctions. This show definitely contains nudity and you will definitely see a little bit too much. “I love the shock and the crass element of this show. “The show is like a four year old child pulling its pants down and then slapping itself on the bum and going upstairs to put itself to bed – as it should. “It’s childish, stupid, joyful and funny. It’s heaven – just like the Bryan Adams song.’’ Peter & Bambi Heaven in The Magic Inside, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent, June 23 to 24. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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