Entertainment Hive 2020

The music of James Taylor comes alive in tribute show

Join Dan Clews on a journey through the career of the US folk legend, James Taylor as audiences are treated to an insight into the man behind the music. Clews’ delivers hauntingly accurate performances of all the hits including Fire and Rain, You’ve Got a Friend and many more. Read what Clews has to say about the man, James Taylor, below: Tell us about this musical tribute show, what inspired you? “I’ve always been fascinated by music of the late 60s early 70s and the music of James Taylor sits right in the middle of that. “I’m also a big fan of Paul Simon but that’s just the beginning. I could fill a whole page with musical heroes.’’ What have you learnt about the artist through researching and performing this show? “James Taylor’s phrasing and delivery his timing and execution is something that I will always be learning from. Personally, I love going over the part of his story when he worked alongside The Beatles, while they recorded The White Album.’’ What is it like performing these much-loved songs to fans? “It’s always interesting, no two performances are the same as the songs have so many levels.’’ Can you tell us some of your favourite songs in this show to perform and why do you love performing these songs? “I love performing You’ve Go A Friend as the audience always sing along and I gotta say Adelaide crowds are pretty musical.’’ What music did you listen to growing up? “As a kid I loved The Beastie Boys and Cliff Richard and everything in-between.’’ What do you love about the Adelaide Fringe? “I’ve already complimented the audiences but I’ll do it again, you Adelaideans are a warm bunch and so far I’ve been made to feel very welcome, so thank you.’’ The James Taylor Story starring Dan Clews, Adelaide Town Hall (entry via Pirie Street) until March 16. Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au
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