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Velvet’s boogie fever hits Adelaide again

By Honey B

Marcia Hines sums up the hedonistic, disco world of Velvet quite simply. “It’s all about having a boogie,’’ she says. And that’s the magic of director Craig Ilott’s world where he pits dazzling acrobatics against disco divas as this sexy, spectacular, sparkling and slightly sadomasochistic show channels the original Studio 54 nightclub. “People don’t want to leave the shows because they are having such a good time and they are staying for a dance. “When we were at the Sydney Opera House our musical director was just spinning beats and people would be there dancing when I was leaving to go home. “It’s just such a good vibe.’’ While Velvet captures that 1970s spirit, Hines says it was even better back in the day. “Oh if you can imagine a club like Velvet but it was even better than that. “It was a great time for us. It was a very joyous time – bad fashion but that was all part of it. “It was basically what you see on-stage in Velvet. It was joyous.’’ Since premiering the show at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe, the award-winning show has played sell-out seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe, Brisbane Festival and at the Sydney Opera House.  Hines says she has revelled in the journey and has enjoyed creating a character from scratch. “We are just stoked to be coming back to the Adelaide Fringe where it all started a year ago. “The test of a show is when you put it in front of a live audience and we lucked out in Adelaide because the show was so wonderfully accepted and well-received and we are so appreciative of that. “Just being able to create a character from scratch and then be able to develop that character has been a gift. “I can’t talk highly enough of Craig, our director, who really gets us because he was a performer. He listens and he’s so generous.’’ Hines says Velvet hasn’t changed too much in 12 months. “It’s changed in the sense that we are more comfortable within our characters and our cast really takes care of one another. “Also our burlesque dancer from New York couldn’t come back because she had another job in New York. “It’s just such a pleasure to be part of an ensemble company. “I do love ensemble pieces and when I first came to Australia I came to do an ensemble piece (Jesus Christ Superstar). I really do get theatre – this is a more physical theatre.’’ One cast member Hines gets to work closely with is the talented Brendan Maclean slips behind the red velvet rope at the glamorous nightclub that is Velvet, where he encounters dazzling acrobatics, disco divas, seductive chanteuses and a hot, pulsating atmosphere. “I love Brendan, my co-star, and we just clicked the day we met and that’s magic that you can’t really make – it either is or it isn’t.’’ Hines also loves performing in the more intimate space of a spiegeltent in the lush Garden Of Unearthly Delights. “It is such an intimate space and the closer to my audience I get, the better I feel.’’ Velvet, Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, Aurora Spiegeltent, February 12 to March 13. Bookings: 1300 621 255
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