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One Direction concert is scream-worthy sensation

By Honey B

Oh how the fans screamed and screamed for One Direction. They danced and shouted for the Brit sensations. They stayed up all night at Adelaide Ent Centre. And they won't forget the best night ever. Okay, anyone who is not a One Direction fan will not understand those lines completely - it helps to sing it to the tune of One Direction's Best Song Ever. Monday night's (September 23) first Adelaide concert -their 106th show of the tour and the first Aussie concert - was packed to the rafters with screaming fans and that was before the 1D lads even hit the stage. There was no keeping the tweens and teens in their seats as the danced the Macarana and squealed every time a One Direction infomercial hit the big screens. There's no doubt a few parents were looking around for ear plugs, tissues or anything to stick in their ears because the fans were only just getting warmed up. When the five cheeky peformers finally hit the stage to the party anthem Up All Night the screams of rapture drowned out the harmonies and it was set to be one loud night. Just three years ago Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson were starting their UK X-Factor journey and now they are arguably in the biggest boy band going around. The boys were humble enough to keep thanking their fans for such undying support and the boys gave back with energetic performances and witty banter. The atmosphere was absolutely infectious, with many parents clearly bopping away to the show and enjoying spending such a fun time with their kids. The lads are pretty easy on the eyes - which some mums commented on. The fabulous five thrilled many audience members as they were levitated into the air on a giant platform and floated over the crowed before performing to the hysterical audience at the back of the Entertainment Centre. They had the fans rocking along to Blondie cover One Way Or Another as they walked around the stage and chatted about whatever came up, really. They also took questions from fans via Twitter and then spotlighted the fans in the crowd - that's taking audience participation to another level. While these charismatic performers are certainly a boy band, they shun the cheesy dance moves of your N'Sync or Backstreet Boys and prefer to jump around and mess about. It certainly makes for a much more relatable show and it's plenty of fun. While goofing around Louis fell flat on his back after Liam threw water on him - but the show went on as the boys sang (Kiss You) around him and helped him up. There were plenty of standout songs during the show but the biggest screams were reserved for One Thing, Live While We're Young, Na Na Na, Teenage Dirtbag and What Makes You Beautiful. And there were also plenty of swoon-worthy ballads to go around including Summer Love and Little Things. While all of the boys share the singing duties, Zayne certainly stood out as a strong vocalist, Niall channelled his inner rock god by playing guitar and Harry is definitely a cheeky, cheeky boy. One thing is for sure, the incessant screaming will continue for the next two nights as the hunky 19 to 20-somethings enthral this town's young female population. There's sure to be a lot of scream- ravaged voices out there this week. The One Direction juggernaut continues - watch out Australia.
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