Entertainment Hive 2017

Lally Katz in Stories I Want To Tell You In Person

The Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide until November 8

Review by Honey B

If Lally Katz's gig as a playwright doesn't pan out she's got a brilliant back-up career as a stand-up comedian as she aptly proves in her latest work Stories I Want To Tell You In Person. Not that she needs  a plan B, with her writing career going from strength to strength with her semi- autobiographical play Neighbourhood Watch an undeniable classic and her plays have graced the stages of the Griffin, Belvoir, and Malthouse theatres this year. Katz's star is certainly on the rise - but like many artists she is a tortured soul. With her career going through a bountiful purple patch, Katz laments that you can't have it all and she's sacrificed her love life for the lure of a good story. Katz lives by the rule that she writes what she lives and when she's commissioned to write a play about the Global Financial Crisis for Belvoir it can't be a good sign for her bank account. This gifted writer also turns out to be a wonderfully natural storyteller as the trials and tribulations of her messed up life are laid bare in an intimate tale. Katz draws the audience into her manic world as she travels to New York and discovers she is cursed when she visits a psychic named Cookie. Cookie is one of the main sources of drying up Katz's bank account - creating a mini GFC for the comedian. The problem is that Katz believes in the curse and she desperately wants a relationship that works. She's definitely a bit Bridget Jones! It's no surprise that this kooky comedian believes in magic and her own magical creatures the Apocalypse Bear and Hope Dolphin also make it into this show. Katz gives us a good insight into the world of a writer and it's not pretty, there's plenty of procrastination, self-doubt and sizing people up for potential characters. But when it all comes together it is truly magical and Katz has found the ultimate character in herself.
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