Entertainment Hive 2017

Adrienne Truscott in Asking For It: A One Lady Rape About

Comedy Starring her Pussy and Little Else

Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, Campanile, until

March 16

Review by Honey B

Yes, this show is about rape and yes, Adrienne Truscott is naked from the waist down - save for some nice boots. It is confronting seeing Truscott standing there mic in hand partially naked, but what is more eye- opening is her subject matter. While Truscott says she's not a comedian - she's one half of New York cabaret act the Wau Wau Sisters - this seemingly ditzy blonde-wigged newbie has some of the strongest comic arguments and humour at the Adelaide Fringe. This smart lady tackles the issue of jokes about rape and in particular US comic Daniel Tosh's lame comeback to a female heckler which was: "Wouldn't it be funny if that girl got raped by five guys right now.'' Hmm, no. It would have been funnier if Tosh had a really witty comeback. This line of thinking started Truscott off on what could have been a domino effect of funny one-liners leading to an orgasmic laugh-fest. She's laid bare by humour rather than crass sexual abuse. In-between Truscott's clever comedy, she has talking male heads projected onto her waist with her pubic hair as the men's beards. It's quite a sight. Truscott also counters US senators who have called for a "legitimate rape'' law and a senator who compared women and rape to ducks. It's crazy. Highlights are her date rape reversal piece and her schtick about date rape whistles to Flo Rida's catchy song Blow My Whistle Baby. Truscott shows how comedy should be done - take that!
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