Entertainment Hive 2017

Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking by John Hinton

Holden Street Theatres, The Studio, Adelaide Fringe 2014

Until March 16

Review by Honey B

Science and theatre collide in John Hinton's latest show Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking. Hinton definitely has the science down when it comes to creating clever musical comedies. He wowed audiences two years ago with his show about Charles Darwin and now he tackles the much more complicated life and science of Albert Einstein. But don't let the science put you off, sure there are plenty of complex theories, but Hinton has a way of making these understandable through his songs and comedy. It's 1933 and Hinton's Einstein is talking at his first Princeton University lecture and he goes off track and starts chatting about his life, loves and theories. It is a brilliant show that can actually explain the theories of special and general relativity in understandable terms and all in just one hour. There is quite a bit of audience participation in this show which can be dangerous but also gloriously enlivening when it all works. The performance I saw was fantastic thanks, in part, to the wonderful audience members who gave their all in the show - even impressing Hinton. One of the only downsides of the production is that it does jump around a bit and Einstein grows old during his Princeton speech (it is clever how Hinton throws a bit of powder in his hair to age). Of course, the highlights of the production are the songs especially the E=mc2 rap, which involves some fun hand gestures. The production also has a darker side when it comes to the A-bomb and then there's the little curve ball regarding Einstein's brain. This show is certainly thought-provoking and it's certainly full of energy.
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