Entertainment Hive 2017

Anthony Warlow and Faith Prince in Direct from Broadway

Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide Festival Theatre, June 10

Review by Honey B

Anthony Warlow and Faith Prince shared just one moment on the Broadway stage in the US production of Annie, but it was enough to spark the desire to create a new show together. Audiences were treated to their celebration of musical theatre last night (June 10), just six months after the curtain closed on Annie at the Palace Theatre, New York. The iconic pair payed homage to their meeting in a soaring medley of Annie tunes and I'm sure it left many in the audience wishing they had seen the duo in their roles as Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hannigan. Warlow and Prince also discovered they shared another bond through the musical Guys and Dolls - Warlow started his career on the Adelaide Festival Centre stage 30 years ago in the musical and Prince had played Miss Adelaide. The fabulous character actress also could not contain her excitement at playing Miss Adelaide in Adelaide and she shone performing Adelaide's Lament and Take Back Your Mink. The Sue Me duet between Warlow and Prince was fantastic. While both of these performers are considerable powerhouses, this show fell a little bit flat in a few places - one of which was the interaction with the audience. It was refreshing that the pair decided not to go down the usual path and perform a lot of well- known musical theatre numbers, but too often the audience was left wondering just what the song was that they were singing - there was little backstory or introduction to these song choices. Warlow's solo comedic rendition was also a bit odd - he impersonated Michael Crawford/Frank Spencer, Dean Martin and Cary Grant. That said, Warlow's performance of Soliloquy from Carousel was deeply moving and as a father of a girl himself he explained the song had added weight. Perhaps Warlow and Prince need more time together on-stage for this show to find its groove. There's certainly an enormous amount of potential and audience goodwill.
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