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Bitch Boxer

Holden Street Theatres, The Stuido, Adelaide Fringe 2014

February 11 to March 16

Review by Honey B

Bitch Boxer is one Adelaide Fringe show that certainly packs a punch. Winner of the Holden Street Theatre's 2013 Edinburgh Award the bold and beautiful one woman show stars Holly Augustine as Chloe - a focused 21 year old boxer from Leytonstone in the UK. Set in the lead-up to the 2012 London Olympics when women stepped into the Olympic boxing ring for the first time, Chloe trains to prove she's up to the task of fighting for her country on Team GB. But as this ordinary girl prepares for the fight of her life, she is left winded by two life-changing events. This fierce and touching play was written by Charlotte Josephine and the narrative delves into the life of this tough individual who never gives up her fight even when life keeps knocking her down. Relationships make up a strong theme to the story - especially the relationship between Chloe and the men in her life, namely her father, her new boyfriend and her coach at the gym. Then there is the damaged relationship between Chloe and her estranged mother who does not understand her fiercely independent daughter's drive. Augustine is riveting to watch as Chloe in this highly physical performance. She gives this young underdog the right amount of fight and guts as well as a disarmingly funny side and a tender heart behind her protective armour. This solo show sees Augustine portray all of the mainly male characters with ease through subtle changes in posture and voice - her timing is impeccable. The stage is stark, just white talcum powder marks the outline of the boxing ring and a chair and Chloe's boxing bag sit within. This is a sweat-soaked, slick and highly-engaging drama with a fistful of fight.
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