Entertainment Hive 2017

Circa's Wunderkammer

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, October 1 to 4

Review by Honey B

The human body can do amazing things as aptly proved by the seven superb performers in Circa's latest hit show, Wunderkammer. The sheer flexibility and strength of these skilled artists was absolutely breathtaking as they opened the lid to their "box of curiosities''. The show started quite intimately in the smaller space of Adelaide's Her Majesty's Theatre with Jessica Connell stepping into the spotlight and mesmerising the audience with a graceful hula-hoop performance. Each artist has their time to shine, but the performance is definitely upped a notch when they all share the stage. There were gasps of amazement from the audience as several of the girls were swung through the air like a skipping rope by the male performers and the highlight was when they swapped the girls in mid- air - just brilliant. However, the gross-out moment of the show was the antics with balloons being put up the performers' noses - ick. It was the performers sheer strength that was jaw-dropping and it wasn't just the men doing the heavy lifting. The female performers had the males standing on their shoulders and they proved they were just as strong as their male counterparts. The Circa spectacular also had plenty of breathtakingly beautiful moments and showed off the performers flexible bodies and there were some absolutely hilarious moments with bubble wrap and a bit of dancing. Director Yaron Lifschitz has crafted such a theatrical show with a minimal set and an eclectic musical palate from classical to electronica and with a bit of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel thrown in for good measure. While the opening night of Circa's Wunderkammer wasn't sold out, everyone should dash out to see this contemporary circus delight - it's only on for four days. Don't miss out.
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