Entertainment Hive 2020

David Campbell Sings John Bucchino

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Festival Theatre Stage, June 13 to 14

Review by Honey B

Audiences were treated to something special as long-time friends David Campbell and John Bucchino joined forces on-stage in an intimate and entertaining evening. The pair met 17 years ago in New York when Campbell was just starting out on the cabaret circuit and it was easy to see and feel their long-time respect and genuine friendship as the duo easily chatted and joked throughout the night. Bucchino laid his soul bare in his music and Campbell proved what a sensational cabaret performer he truly is. He gave such a respectful and measured performance and his voice was rich, powerful and passionate. Every song was pure bliss and showed a different side to the two performers. Opening number Sweet Dreams was a bittersweet love song while Better Than I soared to spectacular heights. Campbell smashed it out of the park on Better Than I from the musical A Catered Affair and Bucchino, who rates his relationships on the number of songs he gets out of them, wrote a corker in On My Bedside Table. This show was just the way a cabaret performance should be with plenty of pathos, stories and humour and just like their last song, Grateful, everyone was very grateful this unique pair were performing together again.
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