Entertainment Hive 2017

Denise Scott in Mother Bare

Adelaide Fringe 2014, Arts Theatre, city

Review by Honey B

Nothing is taboo as Denise Scott takes a good hard look at the life of a hardworking mum in her latest show, Mother Bare. Of course that hardworking mum is Scott and not only is the show funny, but it's quite educational. For instance, who knows the shape of a womb? Anyone? It's shaped like a type of fruit and it's not a pomegranate as one poor male audience member guessed. Scotty's show is a wonderful balance of sharp observations, honesty and humour. Her beautifully rounded show starts with her own childhood and her relationship with her mum, through to Scott meeting her own hubby and having babies herself. Although it doesn't finish there and we get a glimpse of the teenage rearing years and the heartbreaking moment Scotty has to put her mum in a nursing home. Highlights include her experiences of childbirth and a slow race to the toilet. There are also some wonderful poignant moments as Scotty talks about one bitter disappointment of not being able to perform overseas and my personal favourite was her backyard smoking story. Scotty also shares her own family photographs which is a wonderful touch.
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