Entertainment Hive 2017

Dream of a Ghost Story

OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Festival Theatre, September 5-6

Review by Honey B

Fly through the air, jump through hoops and bounce into the Adelaide Festival Centre to see the Shandong Acrobatic Troupe in the most magical show at the OzAsia Festival this year. This family-friendly show has its final performance tonight and it would be a tragedy not to see such a jaw-dropping, ethereal and moving production. The award-winning Shandong Acrobatic Troupe brought the mesmerising Qing Dynasty fable to life in such an inspiring and inventive way. The 50 strong cast are all extremely flexible and acrobatically strong and they put a new spin on circus skills as they fly through the air with grace and beauty. Many of these acrobatic skills we've seen before, but teamed with the story, the intricate costumes and beautiful music simple skeletons dancing with fluro bones and diablos take on a whole new spin. The good versus evil tale features a white fox spirit and a human who fall in love, but the evil snake demon has other plans for the pair. There are many magical moments and a few scary ones with demons that may scare very young children - but it's all just breath-taking. Young Fox Fairies Wang Luyuan and Du Xiaoru and Young Scholar Shi Shuai are not just gorgeous and cute but they are very skilled performers and quite emotive. Zhang Xu perfectly portrays the ethereal and grown-up Fox Fairy as she watches her gorgeous young playmate turn into a handsome Scholar (Guo Qinglong). The pair have some lovely moments of bliss and colour leading into their wedding as they float above the stage in love, before the Scholar is snatched away by some Snake Demons (Ding Jiaheng, Han Mengxuan and Wang Tao). These scenes are dark and captivating as the snakes bungee and squirm and the Fox Fairy is caught in a net. Her loss is palpable as she beats down hell's door. Dream of a Ghost Story is such a wonderfully imagined production which sees a gorgeous fable shine alongside inventive circus skills. Be as wily as a Fox Spirit and catch this must see show!
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