Entertainment Hive 2018

Tim Freedman in Freedman Does Nilsson

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Dunstan Playhouse, June 11 to 12

Review by Honey B

Tim Freedman's "live imagining'' of what a Harry Nilsson concert would have been like is one show that's sure to have everybody talkin'. What makes this an interesting show is that Nilsson never performed any of his songs live as he suffered from horrific stage fright. Freedman gave audience members a wonderful taste of what might have been complete with his interpretations of Nilsson tunes and interesting anecdotes relating to the songs and Nilsson's life. The Whitlams frontman took a good crack at replicating Nilsson's perfect and distinctive falsetto, which was no mean feat. Freedman nails Nilsson's dry sense of humour and his wild ways - he was famously known for his partying ways with John Lennon and Ringo Starr. It was beguiling how well Nilsson's songs worked with just Freedman at the piano as the Grammy Award winning artist came to life before our eyes. Highlights included Freedman's versions of One (famous here for John Farnham's version), The Monkee's tongue-in-cheek Cuddly Toy and the movie theme songs Everybody's Talkin' and Without You. There was a healthy dose of cynicism mixed with beautiful melodies and tales of wild partying in this riveting "live imagining''.
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