Entertainment Hive 2017

Justin Hamilton in Johnny Loves Mary 1994

Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, The Spare Room

until March 16

Review by Honey B

Justin Hamilton's latest show, Johnny Loves Mary 1994, is a little piece of genius. Hamilton is a brilliant storyteller and he weaves three separate experiences in his life into a fully rounded, riveting and funny routine. His show starts with a visit back to his hometown of Adelaide and a declaration of love etched in the concrete from there he travels to Afghanistan to perform for the troops and throw in hilarious dinner party and the scene is set. Hammo is instantly engaging and he has a quick fire wit as the stories unravel to reveal different sides to the ingenious comedian from the panic-stricken to the child-like. His tales about Afghanistan are riveting as is his dinner party from hell story where Hammo says out loud what many would simply say in their heads. There's hardly a minutes pause in this hour-long show so be ready for an exciting ride. Johnny Loves Mary 1994 is showing in the smaller Spare Room venue - so don't miss out on one of the top shows at the Adelaide Fringe this year.
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