Entertainment Hive 2017

Mark Nadler in Runnin' Wild: Songs & Scandals of the Roaring 20s

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Space Theatre, June 18

Review by Honey B

What a fabulously wicked evening it was to take a ride down the slide to 1920s debauchery with the fabulous Mark Nadler. The dapper Mr Nadler described the Roaring 20s as the 13 year decade because it started in 1920 with Prohibition, the year women became free with the right to vote, and ended in 1933 with its repeal. Nadler married stories and songs perfectly and he promised that all songs would feature either sex, drugs or alcohol and he didn't disappoint. He opened the show with the threesome of Cole Porter's Let's Misbehave and Let's Do It along with Runnin' Wild. Nadler was quite please he didn't have to use the violin case on us as the audience was with him all the way for a sing along to Minnie the Moocher. But he did treat us to the contents of the case which included the ingredients to making the best dry martini. Once made Nadler carried it around the stage sipping from it and splashing it everywhere. Nadler was also accompanied on-stage by superb musicians, Sophia MacRae on clarinet and Rob Chenoweth on trumpet. Along with the superb musicianship and wonderful arrangement by Nadler himself, the showman superbly set the scene with a number of amazing stories of some of the players of the time. There were stories about Clara Bow, sexy torch singer Libby Holman, Aimee Sempel McPherson, female impersonator Jean Malin, and many more. Nadler's Threepenny Opera medley was a highlight as was his finale Pack Up Your Sins and Go To The Devil. If only there was somewhere to go in Adelaide on a Wednesday night for a bit of 1920s-style jazz debauchery - the crowd was certainly ready to follow the wicked Mr Nadler anywhere. Nadler is a riveting storyteller and dynamic showman and this Adelaide Cabaret Festival stalwart gave a masterclass in the genre.
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