Entertainment Hive 2017

Picture Perfect featuring composer/musical director/pianist - Scott Evan Davis

and including Paul Talbot, David Harris, Johanna Allen, Amity Dry, Naomi Eyers

Adelaide Festival Centre, Banquet Room, June 14 to 15

Review by Honey B

Composer Scott Evans Davis has created a moving, soaring song cycle that delves into the intricacies of relationships and it was a pleasure to have Davis showcase his work at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Listening to the beautiful and insightful lyrics it was hard not to imagine this work as a fully imagined musical theatre show. The work is about looking a little closer at people's lives - about looking beyond the frame of the photo and seeing what is actually happening in the background or around the edges. No one has a "picture perfect'' life. What was perfect, or rather superb, was the vocal cast including Johanna Allen, Naomi Eyers, David Harris, Paul Talbot and Amity Dry. These amazing performers only had four days rehearsal to discover and learn these intricate songs and some staging and movement. What they achieved in this short timeframe was nothing short of brilliant. All five are wonderful storytellers and emotive singers and they dug deep to portray this passionate and witty song cycle. There were many highlights throughout the performance with each star given several moments to shine. Johanna Allen proved some of the crazier and funniest moments and her songs He's Perfect and You Make Me Crazy were perfection.
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