Entertainment Hive 2017

The Magic Chicken

Adelaide Festival Centre, Dunstan Playhouse, until April 27

Review by Honey B

The Magic Chicken was a culinary comedy delight which delivered more twists, turns and drama than an episode of My Kitchen Rules. Setting the scene for this tasty slapstick comedy was the two-man band, The Beet Roots, who played some funky tunes as audience members took their seats. The children were mesmerised by the skilful musos (Jeff Henderson and John Bell) and what an accompaniment they were to the perfectly cooked timing of the two chefs - the tall Collins (Trygve Wakenshaw) with his equally lofty chef's hat and the sensitive Toot (Barnie Duncan). With no customers Collins and Toot are a bit sad until the golden egg-laying chicken, Ethel (puppeteer, Oliver Smart), walked into the cafe. But there was foul play afoot as Evil Eric (Kai Smythe) sauntered into the eatery and he was after a bit of chicken! The action was hilarious as Ethel clucked around the cafe avoiding Eric and Collins - who wanted to satisfy their one customer - but Toot won't have that. There was a beautifully timed slow-mo fight scene, knives were sharpened like swords and there was some classic clowning, mime and magic in this fast-paced concoction. The cartoon-like kitchen was whimsical and the show certainly cooked up a big pot full of culinary fun. This internationally-recognised show by New Zealand's Theatre Beating only has a short season - don't miss it.
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