Entertainment Hive 2017

Tim Campbell in High School Disco

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Festival Theatre Stage, June 12 to 13

Review by Honey B

There's no denying that Tim Campbell is an '80s tragic. But he's proud to be a bit daggy and a bit of a '70s and '80s musical nerd and he's also not afraid to bust a few dance floor moves. Campbell's show was just pure fun - he challenged anyone to stay seated and welcomed people dancing, laughing and having one helluva good time. Hell, he even had redskin lollies on hand to pass around and there were glow sticks galore. He certainly didn't miss a marketing opportunity either with his debut High School Disco CD on sale now. There were all of the classic tunes that any '70s and '80s fan would want to hear from My Sharona  to Play That Funky Music, Shake That Groove Thing and even a bit of Walk This Way. Campbell is also a bit of a movie nerd and included cult hit songs from Pretty Woman, The Breakfast Club and Footloose - who doesn't love a bit of Kevin Bacon action! What was truly endearing about the performance was Campbell's obvious delight at paying homage to these musical eras and he couldn't stop talking about the joys of growing up in the '80s. Campbell was joined on-stage by a rockin' band and fabulous backing singer Susie Ahern. It only took three songs for audience members to get up and dance and they didn't stop the whole performance through.
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